Christmas Gifts: Mini Carpisa Jewelery Box

This is another present that a lovely friend of mine gave me for this Christmas! It is a lovely mini Carpisa jewelery box. It is quite small and compact and it has a gorgeous dark green shade. The outside of the jewelry box is in leather and it has this snake skin pattern too it. The inside is then covered with lovely felt material which is really soft.

On the inside it has a cute small mirror and different compartments. A compartments to put some rings, some ear studs and the top part can be taken out to put things in the lower compartment, in which you could put necklaces. I am really loving this small box, as the jewelry box I have is wooden and it is actually my mother’s and it is quite old. Carpisa really do good quality products and I’ve never bought any of their stuff because they are a little pricey for me, so this was a much appreciated gift. 🙂

Have you tried any stuff from Carpisa?

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