Update: Change of Address

As you surely know I have changed the address for this blog and finally created the address acosmeticaffair.blogspot.com. My previous address for those who were followers was danceofthegods.blogspot.com, the inspiration for that name came from a book I love by the author Nora Roberts and it was part of a trilogy that I adored.

However this was before the beauty blog called “A Cosmetic Affair” was created. Its been some time now that I have been debating whether to change the name for this blog or keep it as was. After lot of thought I decided to change the name so that it better reflects the content of my blog and it will also be easier for people to find!

Thanks to all of you that read my blog and I hope to add more to this repository of posts and fun cosmetic information! 🙂 Please keep on reading!

Charlene xxxx

8 thoughts on “Update: Change of Address”

  1. Hey Charlene! I did put your new address (this one) on my blog but somehow it didn't go through, sorry about that!!! I will try to update again! Really admire your blog!


  2. @Aya: Thanks so much 🙂

    @laheelahee: Thanks for your patience.

    @Amalia J: thanks for your support and for your kind words of encouragement, I truly appreciate them.

    @Sunny & Star: thanks for stopping by, hope you enter my giveaway too 🙂


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