Product Review: Essence Cover Stick – True Nude

The Essence Cover Stick is a concealer stick that I got some time ago. The color I got it in is in the shade 04 True Nude which matches my skin fine. I like the concealer to be a little lighter than my skin to better cover any blemishes or spots, and if well blended it doesn’t look any different than my skin.

Essence Cover Stick for all skin types
The packaging for this really cute. You get the product which twists up in the little tube and a little cardboard cover to go with it. You get 5g/0.1oz of product and it says for all skin types. This concealer is a little thick and I don’t find that it would be good for under the eyes as it might cake up. However, for any blemishes or spots over the face, it offers really good coverage.

Swatch – 04 True Nude
I got mine from a local supplier of the Essence brand for €2.61 which is a good affordable price for the amount you get. I find it covers really well and once it is blended it helps your skin to look smoother and more even.To see more products I got from Essence, I did a haul.

Have you tried any concealers from Essence? What do you think of the brand?

3 thoughts on “Product Review: Essence Cover Stick – True Nude”

  1. I've seen this at Ulta before and I like how Essence products are so affordable!:D

    Thanks for the review – I will keep this in mind!:D

    ***** Marie *****


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