PUPA Gold Obsession Palette

This palette comes in sleek shiny black packaging with just PUPA written in red on the front. The name of the palette I picked out is called Gold Obsession and the number on the back is 15. I got this palette whilst I was in Italy for a family vacation and since I have always … Continue reading “PUPA Gold Obsession Palette”

The 2014 Autumn Edit | Skincare, Makeup & Hair

  Every season I tend to gravitate towards certain products, more than others. The following is my Autumn Edit for 2014, with the changes I carried out for skincare, makeup and hair.    For skincare my top priority is hydration, so the products I turned to are good for dehydrated skin and at soothing it. … Continue reading “The 2014 Autumn Edit | Skincare, Makeup & Hair”