My Top 4 Products to soothe dry lips

Carmex Blistex lip balm serum Dr Organic rose otto raspberrry lime relief

As the weather progressively continues to get colder (and windier), my skin, including my lips progressively get drier, more chapped, and require constant care and attention.

I have tried and tested numerous products in my search for the best lip balms / treatments / serums that will help me moisturise, protect and care for my dry lips. The following four items are the best products I have found that care for my lips and improve their texture whilst being soothing and sensitive.

The first one is a long-time favourite of mine and it’s by the brand Carmex. Although you might know the brand for it’s cherry-flavoured tube lip balm, they have also came out with a variety of different flavours in the twist-up version. My current favourite is the Carmex lip balm in the Twisted Lime flavour. It’s tangy on the lips, creates a barrier over your lips and gives you a slight tingle for the first few minutes after you apply it.

Carmex Blistex lip balm serum Dr Organic rose otto raspberrry lime relief

Another favourite of mine is from the brand Dr. Organic and it has a completely different texture to any of the other lip balms I’ll be mentioning, because it is a lip serum. The Dr. Organic Rose Otto Lip Balm Serum comes in a little tube and has a very slippery consistency on the lips. It sinks into the lips quite quickly because it is quite thin but leaves behind soft, plump lips that are hydrated. Although this brand comes out with a variety of ranges featuring different active ingredients, the Rose Otto one is my favourite in terms of scent, flavour and efficiency at soothing my lips when they are their worst.

Carmex Blistex lip balm serum Dr Organic rose otto raspberrry lime relief

The last two products I will mention as one, because they are both from the same brand and because they work best when used in conjunction. They are the Blistex lip balm in the flavour Raspberry Lemonade Blast and the Blistex Relief Cream. If you suffer from cold sores, these are the two you should definitely have at all times. The former is a standard lip balm but with all the hydrating and protecting properties of the Relief Cream. The latter has a whitish hue and I find is best applied during the night, ensuring a night-long layer on your lips whilst giving hydration and as the name implies, relief to sore lips.

What are your favourite lip balms / treatments? Have you tried any of the ones I’ve mentioned?

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