First post

Hello to all on blogspot, this is my first post and today also happens to be valentine’s day!! Now I happen to be a very romantic person but lacking the person to share some romance with today ends up to be a day like any another 😦 Oh well I will keep my romance for the guy who will be able to capture my heart, hopefully some time soon hehe!

Anyways I would like to introduce myself too in this first post.  I am a 19 year old student who is mad about shopping and here I’d like to mention my obsession for shoes.  I just adore buying shoes, they are so gorgeous!  I also love make up and have tons of palettes which I have yet to use all! I also love reading especially passionate love novels

My favourite tv shows are TEDS as ellen is so hilarious and I am an avid follower of XFactor at the moment!  Moreover I like to watch american idol whenever I can and I adore Gossip Girl but have yet to see many of the episodes as I have been very busy what with exams and with assignments.  One of my besties gave me the last push to finally create this blog and I must say that I am looking forward to add posts to it!

Well that is all folks for now! Hope to add many more posts to this blog in the near future!!
Lots of love to all the people who have found Mr. Right xxx

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