Moisteriser Review

I just bought this moisteriser and really wished to say how much I like it!! I have not been using a moisteriser for some time now because the one I used to apply before used to make my face really itchy and so I dumped! Anyways lately my face has been drying up more and so I decided to buy this moistureiser just to try something new! Well I must say that I found it extremely refreshing, this is because it has cucumber extract and it is also very light and therefore it doesn’t feel like I have an extra layer on my face when I apply it! Believe me this is a must if like me you have combination skin and your skin is drying due to the freezing wheater we have at the moment here!! The name is Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Invigorating Day Cream!

Hope this review is helpful!! 🙂

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