Teal and Golden Olive Look

Hi all, this is the look that I will be describing today and I called it Teal and Golden Olive well obviously for the fact that these are the two main colors that I used and I just love them. So this is what I applied:
  • white eyeshadow for base and as a highlight
  • lime color all over the eye lid
  • teal pigment on the outside corner of the eye
  • golden olive pigment on the crease and just on the corner for a more defined look
  • golden olive also for under the lower lash
  • black pencil eyeliner on the water line
  • black mascara on the upper and lower lashes
I’ve been dying to try out these two colors together for a very long time. I especially love the golden olive pigment. Hope you like the look too and sorry for the photos I know the lighting is terrible. Cheers 😀

4 thoughts on “Teal and Golden Olive Look”

  1. i think its a great combination and im really particularly loving the teal!
    really pretty.what items/brands did you use to create this look?


  2. @sharon: the pigments are nothing special just some samples i bought on ebay the name is NaturMinerals, they tend to be a little messy however the colors are great


  3. oh i agree pigments are abit messy to use.but the colors you used looks great!

    thanks for subscribing back to my blog 🙂


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