Barbie…..50th Birthday

Yesterday 9th March 2009 was Barbie’s 50th Birthday and I can’t believe the number of things that were planned for this momental day!! In my opinion Barbie should not be a doll for children but a collector’s item since it represents fashion through the years. And then who wouldn’t want to be like her and have an endless wardrobe, enumerable cars and houses and always suceeds in looking totally glamourous.  Yes I know I am talking about a doll!! 😀 There are some interesting events which took place as part of the birthday celebrations:
  • Mattel Inc. has 50 designers creating outfits for the dolls
  • Special pumps are being created for Barbie
  • Barbie has moved into a new residence – a real Malibu Dream House a 3,500 square feet decorated by ‘Happy Chic’ interior designer
  • The house includes a garage complete with a real Barbie Volkswagen Beetle car
  • In Australia a 6-foot birthday cake has been created
  • One of the birthday parties will be held at Hamleys in London
Incredible but true, this small doll has created such a fuss!!

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