Latest ELF Haul

I love E.l.f makeup and the UK site does promotional offers like crazy, offering free shipping nearly every week.  So as you can imagine it is pretty hard to resist the temptation to every now and then to buy some stuff.  This is my latest one and as you can tell I tried to limit the damage.  However, it is also true that in the same week I ordered again, but that will be for another post.

Products in the image are:
  • Mineral Blemish Kit
  • Plumping Lip Glaze in Peach Passion
  • Shimmer Eye Pencil in Blissful Blush
  • Shimmer Eye Pencil in Boldly Bronzed
  • Eyeliner and Shadow Stick – Plum/Purple
  • Eyeliner and Shadow Stick – Midnight/Blue
  • Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter – Glow/Light

I will be going in detail about each product in future posts.  I have purchased these products from the ELF Website.  I will be reviewing some of these products since I think that the E.l.f products are really worth the money for the quality you get!

Have you tried any E.l.f products?  What do you think about them?

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