PUPA Gold Obsession Palette

This palette comes in sleek shiny black packaging with just PUPA written in red on the front. The name of the palette I picked out is called Gold Obsession and the number on the back is 15. I got this palette whilst I was in Italy for a family vacation and since I have always wanted to try some PUPA products I thought it was only appropriate to get it from Italy :). The palette comes with four shades, a big mirror on the inside and a double sided applicator.

The colors are all very soft and easy to apply, and they are very pigmented too. You can get a variety of different looks with this palette and I tend to use it a lot no matter if it is during the day or to get a more dark look for the night. I have been loving the lighter color from the top which has an orangey/peachy color too it.  All the golden tones are very shimmery but the brown is matte, which complements the other colors brilliantly. I got this palette for about €16, (not so sure since it’s been a while) and I would love to purchase some other palettes from PUPA since I was very impressed with the quality of these shades.

It has 4 shades in it. A light gold shade, a more bright and powerful golden shade, an orangey golden shade and dark brown.

Here are some swatches. From left to right, the light golden shade, bright golden shade, orangey golden shade, dark brown.

Have you ever tried any products from PUPA? What do you think about them?

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