Drugstore Haul: Revlon

Some weeks ago I got these items from a stationary near University which carries make up products too.  There was an offer from Revlon to buy 3 products and you got a gift for Free, so obviously I went for it! 
I got the Revlon Double Twist mascara, the Revlon Color Burst lipstick in Blush and the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip gloss in Nude Lustre. As a gift I got the Revlon Eye Glide in Lilac, which can be used as a base for your eyeshadow or you can use it on its own for a wash of color over the lid.
This is the Super Lustrous Lip gloss in 04 Nude Lustre and I got it for €10.95. The color payoff of these lip glosses is amazing. They are true to the color in the bottle and they last for a long time. They are not too sticky and they don’t have any weird smell to them.
This is the Color Burst Lipstick in 035 Blush and the color is nude with a peachy undertone to it. I got this for €12.50 and I love it for when I have dark eyeshadow on and want a natural lip to go with it.

Color Burst in Blush

Left Blush, Right Nude Lustre

I wanted to try out a new mascara and the girl at the shop recommended I try the New Revlon Double Twist mascara. I got this for €12.95 and this mascara claims to give massive volume and definition to your lashes. I find that the mascara wand for this brush is too big for me and that it holds too much product in it. I tend to wipe off a lot of the excess off on the side of the tube. Said that I adore the formulation of this mascara and it gives lots of volume and length that lots of people have commented that I seem to be wearing false lashes.
The mascara wand

This is the gift that I got with this purchase and it is an eyeshadow base in 09 Lilac. This has some shimmer to it and as you can see in the swatch below it is that nice vibrant lilac color which would look gorgeous in the Summer months. I look forward to use it for a variety of looks during the Summer.

Eye Glide in Lilac

What do you think of Revlon? Do you have any products you would recommend?

7 thoughts on “Drugstore Haul: Revlon”

  1. I bought stuff from Microcopy too, haven't used them yet – I got two lipglosses from the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipslosses. Just beware about the prices. I got my maybelline color sensational lippie for €4 inc shipping on ebay. And in their shop they retail for €12.75. Oh and on another note – Beware with non sealed products – because I have seen one of their employees use a lippie to swatch – not the tester – the actual lippie. If you do plan to get a non sealed product, reach for the ones at the back 🙂 And take it from me, do not take their suggestions too seriously – the representative don't even know the difference between lipstick finishes. And I actually had an mini argument with one of them on the spf on foundation kind of thing. She did not know SPF in foundations makes you look like a ghost w/ flash photography and instead of being polite and saying she never heard of that, she was telling me things like – “Then phone up revlon and tell them their foundation makes you look like a ghost” I'm like – “whaaaat?” *blink blink*
    Talk about nice customer service, nevermind haha. the only reason I buy cosmetics from them is that they accept my smart card haha. Just make sure you look up reviews and stuff like that on the products they sell hun 😀


  2. Yes the only reason I buy from there is because I pay with my smart card. They really are not well informed, I was talking to the sales representative and she didn't even know what a gel eyeliner is. I hadn't looked up the mascara so that is totally my fault. I do try to get most of my makeup from online because the prices here are ridiculous. Thanks for your advice and comments, I love reading them ❤


  3. So I came to check out the revlon colourburst swatch and I saw these comments! Yes I agree with Dyna the prices are ridiculously high even when comparing them to products from a pharmacy in valletta. I bought two maybelline colour sensational lipsticks from there and as you know thos tend to be quite moisturizing but one of them was as really hard it wouldn't even glide on my lips! I had to chop the top part off thinking maybe the inside was not as drying but it was the same, a waste of 12 euros if you ask me.

    Regarding the lipstick swatch I'm even more confused now I think Blush looks a lot like Soft Rose. Super confused!


  4. No I'll definitely go for the revlon lippies 🙂 and with regards maybelline I think it was just a faulty one at microcopy with students and employees for that matter who don't even know the difference between testers and and those that aren't. Personally I much prefer revlon products over maybelline. I found out maybelline do animal testing too so I stopped buying them. 🙂


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