Product Review: Elf Studio Lip Balm

I have tried many lip balms as I have lips which tend to be dry and the Elf Studio Lip balm with SPF 15 is one of the best lip balm that I have. It has a minty taste to it and it makes my lips feel tingly when I apply it and it has a protection of SPF 15 added to it. The consistency is not too creamy and it is not too soft, so that when you apply it to your lips it stays on for a long time and it is also not sticky, so it is not annoying. I bought this from the Elf website here.

What they claim:
Relieves and soothes lips with a drench of moisture. SPF 15 helps to shield lips from harmful sun rays. Softens lips to prevent and temporarily protect against chapped, cracked or chafed lips.

This product is in the more pricier products of the website, but none the less it is still very affordable. It leaves a thin protective layer on my lips with no color to it, that lasts for a long time and it conditions my lips.  This product retails for €4/£3.50 on the Elf UK website and it contains 2.1g.

What is your favorite lip balm? Have you tried this lip balm?

7 thoughts on “Product Review: Elf Studio Lip Balm”

  1. @Lara: I love the therapeutic balms too. I had one in Strawberry and I have to repurchase but I find that this one actually stays longer on the lips.

    @LaLaLovy: If you can give them a try I really love them 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.


  2. I am a die-hard user of Chapstick Moisturizer. I really like it (has a vanilla scent and spf) but I want to try this. I've been craving something minty 🙂 Target here I come!


  3. Haven't tried this out yet but every time I go on the ELF site I look at it, maybe i'll buy it next time.
    The lipbalm i'm loving at the minute is the EOS lipbalm (review on my blog they have a mint one also whicb is fabby!


  4. @Laura: give it a try for sure 🙂

    @smoosh_kissxx: I would love to try the EOS lip balm too too but have to finish some lip balms I have before I purchase more 🙂

    @Ashley: Love your blog, definitely give this a try if you can!

    Thanks for all for stopping and leaving a comment 🙂


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