Haul: Asian Products

Camellia Face Masks, Rose Eye Masks, Pore Strips
I have been dying to try out some face masks and as they are usually sold in Asia, I decided to give them a try. However, since there are no stores here in Malta that do sell Asian brands such as these I decided to try and purchase some from eBay. MissGlamorazzi on YouTube had been raving for some time about the Beauty Diary face masks and I really wanted to try some. So I got the ones shown above in the green and yellow box which are pretty similar! As I was browsing I also happened to see the Eye masks which intrigued me as I’d never really thought about them. I have dark circles round my eyes and they do tend to get a lot puffy, so I decided to give them a go also. They turned out to be really nice and cooling eye patches that you can put on you eyes and they have little slits so you can keep your eyes open. Lastly, I saw the pore strips which I must say where a huge disappointment and did not work at all.

Camellia Mask

Rose Eye Mask

Pore Strips

My Conclusions:
I love the bright and fun packaging that all these products come into. As I said I am not impressed at all with the pore strips but maybe I just got the wrong brand or something. I definitely love the masks and will be sure to purchase more of the face masks in the future as they are truly relaxing and calming to the skin. I love the eye masks too but will have to try them further to see whether they do reduce my dark circles.

Have you tried any Asian products? Would you recommend any?

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