Haul: False Lashes

Lately I have been obsessing with using false eye lashes, must be I’m watching too much of The Vampire Diaries and I love the way they have very natural makeup and then gorgeous false lashes. Anyway since I am not an expert at applying false lashes, I decided to get some from eBay, so that they would be cheap and I would get a decent amount to be able to practice with! I got two styles, ten pairs of each from this eBay buyer. They were for about €4.00 and you get twenty pairs of lashes and a little tube of glue.

Two boxes, two styles 13 and 11

Style 13 are shorter on the inner corner of the eye and then longer at the outer edges

Style 13 lashes closer look

Style 11 lashes are longer at the center of the lashes
Style 11 closer look
The only down side that I think there is to these lashes are the seam seems to be a bit thick but maybe that will actually be helpful. I have yet to try these on, but will let you know how it goes!

Do you love wearing false lashes? What are your favorite?

7 thoughts on “Haul: False Lashes”

  1. I use fake eyelashes almost everyday, at least when I'm doing this challenge I have on my blog. My eyes are highlighted when I use fake lashes.


  2. @Rachel, Carla, Helene, R.: I will try and post a picture when I use them 🙂 Glad you like them.

    @xmisslorix: I am really loving false lashes too. I have the Duolash glue too, I won't use the glue that came with them!


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