Haul: Mini Elf Mineral Haul

A few weeks ago the Elf Uk website where having  20% discount on all their Mineral range!I really love their Mineral range and have tried quite a few products from this range, that I will try to do a review about in the future. I love their mineral foundation, their mineral booster to apply all over the face, the mineral eye shadows are all very pigmented and gorgeous colors, their mineral lipsticks are all very easy to wear and very moisturizing and their mineral eyeliners go on really easily. Thus, no need to tell you I got some things I had been wanting. I wasn’t really needing much from the Mineral line, I got some from the regular line but only two products from the Mineral line.

I got the wonderful mineral lipstick in Rosy Raisin and mineral lip liner in Peachy. I already have two other mineral lipsticks; Barely Bitten and Party Pink and I really love their consistency, they give you color without putting on a lot of product on the lips, so they feel really good on the lips. I wanted to try out this shade as I had already bought it as a gift for someone else and I loved the way the color looked.

Rosy Raisin – You get 3.8g of product for €4.00
Wearable neutral color, that looks like my own lips but better 🙂
Swatch of Rosy Raisin
I also got the Elf Mineral lip liner in Peachy as I had heard many great things about this product, this shows up a little more orangey on camera than how it really is. But, it will look great under coral toned lipsticks especially in Summer. This is a twist up product that retails for €3.50 and is really easy to apply and lasts a long time. The only downside to this product is that they offer it in a very limited range of colors. For a review of the Mineral Eyeshadow in Royal go HERE.

Peachy lip liner, twisted up and a little swatch!
Have you tried any of the Mineral lipsticks from Elf? Which others do you recommend?

4 thoughts on “Haul: Mini Elf Mineral Haul”

  1. I've been wanting to get one of their mineral lippies sine like forever.

    Thanks for the advice on mineral foundation I will definitely be trying it out 🙂



  2. @Gertrude: I love it for a neutral look and it so moisturizing and easy to wear.

    @Dyna: Hope you like it too when you get it 🙂

    @Carla: I hope you try the mineral lipsticks, they are amazing, I am planning to get them all 🙂


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