Haul: Montagne Jeunnesse Masques

Shame on me! Yes I have another haul post to do! I actually got these about two weeks ago but forgot to blog about them, yet! I was shopping with my mother at a local super market and near the till, I looked up and saw some Montagne Jeunnesse masques. Now as you may know if you have read some previous posts regarding this brand, these have not been available in Malta before now. But lucky for me, this supermarket had quite a wide variety of masques. I quickly sifted through the masques they had and found some which I’d never heard about and wanted to try!

Now as you may know this brand is cruelty free, they always try to use the best natural ingredients and their price is really affordable. As you may see from my packets, I bought these for €1.20 each, but the price may differ depending on your location! On the Montagne Jeunesse webiste, most masques are marked at about 1GBP, so if you are from the UK you can get them really cheap.

As I have quite a collection of these masques at the moment, I ended up getting only four masques, all of which are very interesting! I got a Sensitive Masque that has two stages, first one is a masque and the second is a serum to apply after the masque. Next I saw that they had a range for men, (but I will still use this) a Dead Sea Mud Tired Skin Reviving Masque which contains Dead Sea Minerals. The next one is also a two stage process, however this one is a hair masque, the Frizz Miracle Pink Grapefruit Masque. The first stage is to put the conditioning masque and then after washing it off apply the serum, that comes with it. Last, but not least I got an Ultra Firming Anti-Aging Masque which actually contains two masques within the single packet.

I will be doing a review of these as I get to use them. And since I have quite an amount of masques and use them about once a week, this will take some time 🙂

Do you like Montagne Jeunesse Masques? Have you tried any of these?

9 thoughts on “Haul: Montagne Jeunnesse Masques”

  1. I have always been tempted by these but I have never purchased as I have super sensitive skin and my luck I would break out :o( Can't wait to see your reviews though :o)


  2. @Beauty shades: I haven't tried it yet but will do a review once I do.

    @Kat: I try to do one every week or twice as my face gets dry if I do it too often 🙂


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