FOTD (21/03/2011): Inglot Makeup Session

Last Monday, I was fortunate enough to be able to get a free makeup session from Inglot. My friend got invited in for a session and they wanted her to invite someone else with her, and there I was ready to go! The makeup artist that did my makeup was a young lady called ‘Sandy’ and I love the look she came up with.

She used golden tones all over the lid and then darkened the crease with some black
The only complaint I have, and I don’t know if its just me, but they apply way too much powder if you ask me. It may not show that much on the photos but in real life, when I looked at myself in the mirror you could see that my face was very powdery and thus my pores looked even more enlarged. I know that I have far from perfect skin and that my eyebrows look a little funky but please be nice 🙂

She enlarged my lips a little too, definitely not a subtle look, but I love experimenting
This is my first FOTD in a long time but I have been reading the comments you have left on my Giveaway post, regarding what you would like to see and I have been trying to include your requests more. Hope you like this one and I will try to do them more often 🙂 I also bought some products from Inglot, (of course) and I will be sharing them with you very soon. Enter my giveaway if you haven’t already!

P.S: sorry for the less than perfect photos!

Do you like Inglot products? Have you had a makeup session ever?

5 thoughts on “FOTD (21/03/2011): Inglot Makeup Session”

  1. You look radiant! I dont like stuff on my face in general, even though I used to model cosmetics!! Later on, I used to get a full face done every few months at Dior- then it took me an hour to clean it off but I always looked so pretty!


  2. You look great hunny! I've been trying to make FOTD's recently but the pictures never come out that well lol. I need to check out inglot I've never been yet!


  3. I had this same look applied on me last December by the same make-up artist! She is very talented but I agree with you on the powder part. I never apply that much and when my bf saw me, it was the first thing he commented about! None the less, you still look gorgeous and red lips really really suit you!


  4. @Amalia: It feels like you have a mask on your face and took me more than usual to remove it all but loved the finished look anyways 🙂

    @SweetLikeJelly: truly amazing products

    @Carla: Do check them out, amazing brand. It took me some time to get the photos to look all right and since I took them in the evening couldn't do it in Natural light which is always best.

    @Lara: Thanks so much for the compliment. Yes that's the only thing I didn't really like, they pile too much powder on, I want it to be more subtle!


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