Product Review: Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in Ciao Bella

This is my only Essence eyeshadow palette and I will definitely be looking at more products and eye-shadows from this brand as I was pleasantly impressed with the quality. The palette is called Essence Quattro eyeshadow where ‘quattro’ means four and it is in Italian. As the name implies you get 4 eye-shadows and the palette is called ‘01 Ciao Bella!‘ which is also in Italian and means ‘Hey Gorgeous’. Not sure if you are interested in all that but letting you know just in case.

01 Ciao Bella!, you get four shades and you get 5g/0.1oz of product
This palette contains very natural shades that can be used for everyday looks or for more dramatic and then you can add some darker shade for more depth and drama. You get a light cream shade, a light beige shade and two brown shades. All the colors are very shimmery and the payoff is really great on them. I got this palette from a local store for €3.61.

The four shades
The colors swatched, from Left to Right:
first two colors are the top two shadows (L-R),
last two colors are the bottom shadows (L-R)
The color swatches shown above are the eye-shadows swatched dry and as you can see the color payoff is really great and colors are really gorgeous. I have used these both dry and wet and the colors perform amazingly wet too. You obviously get a more vibrant payoff wet, although even wet you can see that colors come off strong. I like using this palette for everyday looks or if I am going out and put the light colors all over the lids then use a dark color to darken the crease and line my eyes.

Have you tried any Essence eye-shadows? What do you think of these?

11 thoughts on “Product Review: Essence Quattro Eyeshadow in Ciao Bella”

  1. I just got a deja vu feeling reading this… then I remembered that I have this too! It actually is very good quality, and is super affordable! x


  2. @Hannah: 😀 I find that happens some time especially if like me you have more makeup than you actually need 🙂 glad I reminded you of it!

    @Christine: hope you get to try some products from the brand as they are really affordable and good quality, glad you liked the swatches 🙂

    @Amalia J: the top ones work really great as highlights too, although they might be a little too shimmery for some people. Hope you can find them somewhere.

    @Aphrosie: hope you like them too. Their concealers, foundations and long-lasting eyeliners are really great too.

    @cushy: hope you get to try them too 🙂


  3. @Segments of Life: hope you get to try it out as its amazing 🙂

    @Jess: If you find it give it a try, very affordable!

    @Emily: glad you like it, thanks for commenting

    @Gertrude: should definitely check some of their products, they work really well!


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