Product Review: Elf Natural Radiance Blusher – Glow

The Elf Natural Radiance Blusher is in the Regular line from Elf at only £1.50/€1.70 per product which is a real bargain as the products are really very pigmented. I only have one blusher from this collection and it is the one called Glow. It is a coral-peach-pink shadow with lots of shimmer, so if you don’t like shimmer stay away from it. I find that the shimmer is much more evident in the pan than when applied.

Elf Natural Radiance Blusher in Glow
As you can see the packaging is very much more crude than the Studio line or the Mineral Line. However, the products themselves are just as good. The compact is a little tricky to open but once you know how to do it, it’s all right. You have to slide the top part backward and the bottom part downwards. I find this works amazingly as both a blusher and highlighter in one. You get 2g/0.07oz of product in this compact.

The compact opened, you get 2g/0.07oz of product
As you may tell from the funky look of my blusher, the powder is not very well pressed and even though I take good care of my makeup and I am careful to handle them gently, this blusher broke and turned to dust. Thus, I pressed it down myself and it has retained its form perfectly now 🙂

Glow swatched on my hand, you can apply this sheer or build it up especially in the Summer
I find this color to be really gorgeous and want to try many more of their blushers. I already own some from the Studio line and I love them, but I think the Regular line blushers should not be overlooked. For more products and information about this product you can look on the Elf website.

Do you own any of these blushers? What do you think about this product?

12 thoughts on “Product Review: Elf Natural Radiance Blusher – Glow”

  1. Oooh this is a nice shade 😀 I have one too but in the shade Shy. And I agree that it took me some time to get used to opening it. Hahaha


  2. @Izzy: It really is a very gorgeous color. I will try to do a post on how to press down powders 🙂

    @Christine: I have to try blushers by Revlon too, especially the Matte ones 🙂

    @AmaliaJ: I have some from their Studio line and I love them too.

    @Ashley: Thanks for recommending, will give those a try too 🙂

    @Kat, @Vikki, @Segments of Life, @Carla, @Savannah: Hope you love them too.

    @Aya: Added it to my wishlist 🙂


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