First Impressions: Constance Carroll Rouge à Lèvres – 20 Begonia

A few weeks ago I picked up this lipstick from the drugstore. It is from a brand that is not much mentioned, it is from the UK and it is called Constance Carroll. Not sure where you can find products from the brand, and here you find mostly lipsticks and blushers, although I know that the brand offers a whole variety of products. I got two lipsticks and I decided to do a first impressions post on this one as it has a very interesting shade, perfect for Spring/Summer.

Constance Carroll lipstick in 20 Begonia
The shade is a bright coral-peach shade that is very shiny and easy to apply on the lips. The packaging is nothing special but the price is very cheap, so that is to be expected.  The finish of this lipstick is Pearlescent, which is a very shiny finish, no lip gloss needed.

Shade 20 Begonia, Finish Pearlescent
Swatch of Begonia
It has no distinctive scent to it, which I find is best with lipsticks that are cheap as the alternative can be a very annoying and over-powering scent. I got this for about €1.20 from the drugstore.

Do you own any products from this brand? Do you like this shade?

4 thoughts on “First Impressions: Constance Carroll Rouge à Lèvres – 20 Begonia”

  1. @Nude Obsession: I agree with you on the frost, I usually blot it 🙂 I used to buy these years ago, but only recently have they been available again

    @Amalia J: Yes it is too frosted, I blot it 🙂


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