Product Review: 17 Even Tone Color Corrector Cream

I had heard many things about color correctors and how they are supposed to reduce the redness on the face and make your skin look more even under your makeup. Now since I have some discoloration and redness on my cheeks I was interested in trying out a product that could do this for me. So when I saw this product on The Cosmetic House website, I decided to give it a try.

No. 17 Even Tone Color Cream Corrector
This is one of those product that is green and then when blended on the skin it should disappear and help even out the tone. You get 40ml of product which is a good amount.

What it claims to do
The product claims that it can help to correct unbalanced skin tone and rosy complexion and that it can be applied before foundation and blended into the skin. Now this product has a very light, runny consistency. When I applied it before my foundation, it does not blend throughly into the skin but leaves traces of the color and doesn’t blend fully.

A little of the product on my hand
The color of the product as you can see is a minty green, which if you have a medium skin tone, it looks quite light next to my skin. Once blended I find that my skin looks like it has something light on it. Also, when you try to apply foundation on it, it does not help the product to go smooth but can make it look patchy. Honestly, I don’t use this product very much, only and rarely when I have a pimple that is super pigmented and I use this on the pimple only to reduce the pigmentation before applying foundation. It doesn’t make that much difference, to tell the truth 😦

Blended into the skin, you can still see some traces of it
I don’t know if it is just me, but this doesn’t work at all for me. Maybe, I am doing something wrong, but I can’t make this work and do anything for me!

Do you have this product or something similar? How do you find it?

5 thoughts on “Product Review: 17 Even Tone Color Corrector Cream”

  1. I use physicians formula green concealer which looks like a lipstick and is a creamy consistency which I like. It blends in really well and dilutes my redness considerably. I haven't tried a liquid green concealer but after this review maybe I don't need to 🙂 great post ❤


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