Product Review: Sigma Round Top Synthetic F82 Brush

sigma synthetic round top brush f82

The Sigma Round Top Synthetic Kabuki F82 brush is one of my favorite Sigma brushes! I have both this and the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80 brush and I love them both for applying my liquid foundation with. The F82 has definitely very dense bristles and a round top style which allows for perfect blending of your foundation so that it looks seamless. I never used to use any brushes to apply my foundation but since I have tried these brushes from the SigmaX line, I definitely see what the hype was all about.

sigma synthetic round top brush f82

There are various ways to apply your foundation or liquid products, one being with brushes. If you use brushes you must have either oily or combination skin otherwise your skin will flake as these kinds of brushes tend to ex-foliate a little when applying the product. If you have dry skin a good option is definitely making use of the good old sponge to apply the foundation. I make use of sponges too sometimes, for some foundation but the brush is faster and easier for me. I like applying the foundation at the back of my hand and then taking little of the product in the brush and blending in the skin one section at a time

sigma synthetic round top brush f82

Since this brush has synthetic hair, it absorbs less product than if you use a natural hair brush or your hands. One of the problems that I got was, that I make use of the Revlon Color stay Foundation which is a very waterproof foundation and sometimes the brush remains a little stained but with two washes usually I can get the white bristles all nice and clean once more 🙂 This brush has never shedded any bristles when I was applying the foundation, however it did shed a few hairs sometimes when I wash it. To note: I wash this brush every time I use it, as I don’t like applying foundation to my skin with an already used brush since I have very acne prone skin.

I got this brush with my own money from the Sigma website for $16.00.

Do you own this brush? What do you think about it? How do you use it?

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