Product Review: False Eyelashes by KK Center Hk

false lashes review

Today I want to share with you this set of false eyelashes that were kindly sent to me by KK Center for reviewing purposes. This company is situated in Hong Kong and specializes in selling false lashes and wigs but also offer a wide variety of makeup palettes with eye shadows and face products. They also have a wide variety of nail polish and tools and various brushes and accessories for your makeup application. You can check their website HERE

One of the items that I was sent to review is this pack of 5 false eyelashes which are all hand made in Taiwan. I love the application of these lashes as they have a really thin seam so the lashes appear very natural and blend nicely with your own lashes. They have a length of 1 cm which makes them short enough to appear natural and at the same time give your lashes the added volume you desire. You can read more information about these lashes HERE.

false lashes review
The lashes have really good volume
without being too dramatic
As can be seen the
seam is really thin so that
they blend better with your natural lashes
false lashes review
The lashes are packaged really well
attached to the plastic base so that they
retain their shape
and so that they are protected from any dirt or dust
They are very
easy to remove and apply multiple times
false lashes review
A profile view of the false lashes applied
I found that they were very
easy to apply and blend with my lashes
I loved how long and defined my lashes appeared
false lashes review
A front view of the lashes applied
not too dramatic but definitely give your eyelashes the
length and volume
they need
quality of the lashes is really good and
can be used
multiple times if you take good care of them

This set of false eyelashes retails for the price of $12.50 on their website and something to keep in mind if you order from this company is that they are situated in Hong Kong so the shipping time may take longer than usual if you are situated in Europe. Also their packaging system is a little lacking. The lashes came packed in a brown envelope that was closed only through the use of a thin string, meaning that it could be opened and closed by practically anyone.

What I love about these lashes:
They applied easily and blended nicely with my lashes
They gave me length and volume
They stayed looking amazing all day long
They retained their shape even after removal
They can be re-used as they are such good quality
They were easily removed with some makeup remover

KK Center can be found on Facebook, Twitter and they also have their own Blog on which this post will also be featured. Check them out and let me know what you think!

Have you tried theses eyelashes? Which false eye lash brand is your favorite?

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