The Skincare Chronicles: Nivea Double Effect Make-up Remover

Since this is the first post of The Skincare Chronicles series I will do a little introduction. As the name implies I will be writing about products that I have come across that I think are amazing. I have very problematic skin that is combination/oily and that frequently breaks out namely because I stress myself. This is my journey through skin care products at affordable prices to help my skin without being too abrasive, harsh or cause even more damage in the long run. Any suggestions are truly appreciated as always. Also I will be reviewing some products that maybe are not so known or raved about but which I think are worth mentioning.

Last week I was shopping at my local supermarket when I came across the Nivea Double Effect Make-up Remover. As can be seen from the photo this is one of those products where you have two different liquids that you have to mix together to use. Namely you have an oily liquid and a less dense liquid that you shake together and use to remove make-up. Now I have seen many expensive brands coming out with these kinds of products and I’ve always been very curious as to how much they are effective. So when I saw this product for about 4 euros, I was all over it!

Nivea Double Effect Eye Make-up Remover

I am one of those persons who always removes their make-up before going to bed. I am also one of those persons that believes in the power of mascara and so tend to apply quite a good amount of it. This leads to me needing a good make-up remover especially for the eyes because we all know how harmful mascara can be if you don’t remove it all and that the lashes can suffer from this. So I was on the prowl for a good make-up remover that will take care of my eye make-up removal problems. As we all know products containing some oily substance are the best to break down the make-up and make it easy for you remove it. This is where the Nivea Double Effect Make-up Remover comes it. 

The product coming back to its original state

It is easy as 1, 2, 3… to use! You just shake it, apply some to a cotton pad or as I sometimes do to a face wipe and wipe away all your make-up in a few simple swipes. The description for the product on the Nivea website describes this product as a “bi-phase formula enriched with Cornflower Extract” and that is helps to remove waterproof make-up. This product does not leave any greasy residue behind however I do suggest you wash your face to make sure that no product is left on your face. Now to tell the truth I am not a big fan of the Nivea visage products, I have never had much luck with them and they are either feel like they do nothing or they irritate my skin because they have abrasive chemicals. However, I was very pleasantly surprised with this product and would definitely recommend it and will re-purchase in the future.

Hope you find this review helpful and that you will try it out.

What do you think about this product? Have you tried it or something similar? 

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