Clarins Daily Energiser Wake-Up Booster

The Clarins Daily Energiser Wake-Up Booster is a refreshing thin gel like product that helps give your skin a prep in the morning. I use it as my daily toner as it gives my skin a ‘boost’ as the name suggests and helps the other product I put on sit better on the skin.

Clarins is a renowned name when it comes to skin care and I already loved the Clarins Beauty Flash Balm and the Clarins Pore Minimizing Serum so I was quite eager to try this product. It is made with Red Currant, to hydrate and soften the skin, Green Coffee, to energize the skin, and White Tea Extracts, to protect the skin from environmental stress. As you can see I have used up nearly all of this bottle and have already gotten a backup for when this runs out, I love it that much. It has a light pleasant scent to it.

The directions to apply this is to either use your fingers to pat it in or to use a cotton pad. I personally use a cotton pad as otherwise I fear the product will go all over the place, I am a little clumsy. I just apply some to a cotton pad and then apply all over my face, even over my eyes and it is not irritating at all.

You get 125ml of product for £13.20 from, so not cheap but not as expensive as others either and you only use a small amount so it lasts for a long time. This is also part of a range so you could get the Cleansing Gel and the Day Cream but I haven’t tried those yet.

This together with my Johnson’s Rose Water which I use when I have especially red skin are my favourite toners to treat my skin. I would also like to try the La Roche Posay SeroZinc but haven’t found anyone yet who sells it.

Do you use a toner? Which one is your favourite?

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