CND Products and Lash Extensions

Last week I met up with the lovely Lisa Farrugia who is an Ambassador for CND Products. I have been introduced to CND only recently when I got gifted their Solar Oil, which is a Nail and Cuticle Conditioner that smells of Almonds and I was blown by the quality of the brand.

I was also gifted one of the CND Sensations Lotion in the scent Black Cherry and Nutmeg which smells heavenly. I was given these as a Christmas gift from someone who brought these for me from the UK and of course wanted to get more and try more of their products. However I found it really difficult to find someone who stocks up these products that is until I found Lisa.

Lisa has just opened a new shop at the Hilton called Ojo Nail and Lash Bar and she uses, exclusively, CND products. She was previously living and working in Spain and has relocated to Malta. CND have a huge line of products, including nail polish, their amazing Shellac treatment, body lotions and washes and other nail essentials. If you’re a nail junkie than I’m sure this is something you want to look into!

Lisa explained to me how CND’s mission is to first and foremost care for the natural nail of the person. Thus the Shellac treatment, which lasts for over 2 weeks and gives your nails a natural and perfect looking finish, takes care of the nail bed and no drill is used during the application. Lisa explained how she aimed to create clean, delicate, professional looking nails that are not over the top and look good with everything. She explained how the aim at her shop is to have the whole treatment, where a client can go in, have a nice cup of coffee (or tea) and enjoy a relaxing time whilst having their nails done.

Additionally Lisa is also qualified to do lash extensions, which I haven’t heard of any good places in Malta yet that do them. For anyone out there who doesn’t know about lash extensions, it’s when you get individual lashes glued onto your own to make your eyelash look fuller and longer. They usually last for up to 3 weeks and then you can get fills, where only the ones that fall off are replaced.

Lash extensions are pretty basic to do. Lisa explained how most of her clients nearly fall asleep, it’s that relaxing. She applies a pad under the eye to prevent any glue to fall on the bottom lashes and then glues on synthetic lashes onto the natural lashes in a process which lasts around 1 hour and a half. Lisa uses Blink lash extensions which are synthetic to hold the curl better. The client gets to choose the thickness and the length of the lashes and once they’re on you don’t even have to use mascara.

Moreover during the month of February, in honour of Valentine’s Day Ojo are having tons of promotions going on, on their Facebook Page here. Also, guys if you haven’t decided what to get your loved one, *hint, hint*! You’re welcome!

** Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Ojo Nail and Lash Bar. This is my honest review and opinion. **

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