Blogging Perks: Coccinelle Event

Last Saturday, Coccinelle Malta had an event in store for the launch of their Spring/Summer Collection 2014. More over, during the day they were giving people the opportunity to win 3 of their amazing bags!

All you had to do was go to the store and you would be given a key that could open a box that contained one of the gorgeous looking bags. The nice people at Coccinelle were also super nice, and sent us bloggers an invite with a key to the event. If you are anything close to a handbag junkie, you would have been in heaven in their wonderful store.

Unfortunately I was working all day Saturday and could not go with all the other Bloggers, however I managed to get there a little after 6pm to take my chance! Whilst not getting one their beautiful bags, Coccinelle gave me a small gift from their store, a scarf.

What is your go to handbag for everyday? Do you over pack? I sure do 🙂

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