Skincare Thursdays: Dealing with Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is easily irritated and it is important to choose products that are specifically for sensitive skin that aims to calm and soothe the skin. These are my top products that I use to keep my skin calm and happy!

The La Roche Posay Toleriane Range is amazing for intolerant, sensitive skin. I an currently using the Soothing Protective Skincare at night, since it is more for dry skin, and the Toleriane Fluide for during the day and underneath makeup, as it is oil-free. These two are indispensable in my everyday routine. They are light on the skin, really gentle and have no strong fragrance to them. I am looking forward to try more products from this range as I have heard great things about their cleanser as well. I find that the French pharmacy brands are really the way to go for problematic skin. You can find these in any pharmacy which stocks La Roche Posay.

Next is the Lavera Cleansing Gel with Organic Lemon Balm and Organic Mallow. This brand uses organic and natural ingredients that give you amazing results. This cleanser is a gel that is not too foamy, which is great for people with sensitive skin as foam usually dries out the skin. It has a very relaxing scent of lemon that also helps to calm me down. I use it both day and night and have already bought my third tube of this from Holland & Barrett.

I also like to make use of serums as they really help the skin deep down. Lately, I have been using this one from Botanics called the Skin Relief Serum Ultra Calm with calming marshmallow. It is a light consistency and helps calm the skin all day. Works well under makeup or on its own when you are just chilling at home. 
An important step in my routine is toning. As per recommendations from the skincare queen herself I like using toners both to exfoliate my skin but also to calm and hydrate it. This is the step you take after cleansing your skin. I love using the Roberts Rose Water which is super gentle on the skin and helps calm any redness. Just pour some onto a cotton pad and apply to the skin. Follow up with your serums and normal skincare routine.

As a summary, when dealing with sensitive skin, make sure to look out for products that specifically say ‘calming‘, ‘soothing‘ and that are for sensitive skin. Stay away from products that have a million and one ingredients and go back to basic. The less you use the more your skin will be less prone to being irritated.

If you have rosacea and for more tips on sensitive skin, I have written this article on Eve.

What are your favourite products for sensitive skin?

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