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CND Shellac

If your nails and cuticles are looking a bit worse for wear, then a serum or a nail oil can really help strengthen and nourish your nails to get them back into shape. The following are the top products I love using when my nails are need of some TLC!

First off is the Essence Studio Nails Caring Nail Oil. I like using this when I have painted nails and feel like my cuticles need some extra nourishment. I don’t find it exceptionally good for stimulating nail growth, as it claims, but it helps dry, brittle cuticles look healthier and moisturized. The product can be applied using the doe-foot applicator and then massage gently into the cuticles.

Next is the CND Solar Oil. This smells amazingly of almonds and is a light nourishing oil that is just amazing at nourishing the nails and at turning dull nails back into bright healthy ones. Just apply on bare nails and cuticles or over nail polish and massage in if needed. It smells heavenly and a little goes a long way.

Lastly I love using the Nutra Nail Naturals Nail Growth Serum. A few months back I was having brittle nails that would start peeling every week even after using oils and filing. However after applying this product I saw results in around two weeks. My nails grew stronger and healthier, and they were not peeling any more. I use this religiously once a week and it does wonders at keeping my nails healthy. As an added bonus this helps nails grow faster, prevents peeling and chipping.

What are your top products when it comes to nail care?

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