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Last month, the lovely Elaine from Blabber Beauty tagged me to do the Summer Lovin’ Tag and even though it took me a while, I have finally gotten round to answering the questions. If you have not checked out her blog yet, please head on over and have a look around. She writes about fashion, beauty and gives great tips.

  1. Summer lipstick you’re loving?

    This is an easy one. I love a bit of a bright lip, whether it is in Summer or not and lately I have been reaching more and more for the Catrice Sheer Lip Colour from the Limited Collection called Hip Trip in the shade 02 Wheels on Fire. This as the name suggests, is a light wash of colour on the lips that is hydrating but gives a nice pop of colour without being drying or high maintenance.

  2. Summer nail polish you’re loving?

    This Summer I have been mostly loving pink nail polishes. Here I chose two I have been wearing a lot which are both from Essence. They are in the shade 106 Free Hugs and 107 Naughty and Pink!

  3. Bikini you are loving this Summer?

    I am not really comfortable wearing bikinis so I usually go for a swimsuit in either navy or black.

  4. Favourite Summer Frapuccino from Starbucks?

    We don’t have Starbucks in Malta but for the alternative I choose the McDonalds Caramel Frappe and the KFC Oreo Krusher.

  5. Favourite Fake Tan?

    I have not been fake tanning as much this Summer and have been using gradual tanners instead. However, when it comes to fake tan I also go for the St Moriz Instant Self Tanning Mousse or Lotion.

  6. Favourite Summer song?

    It is hard to choose just one song, but if I had to choose a song that I have been listening to over and over again it is Calvin Harris, Summer.

  7. Favourite Summer Accessory?

    I do not wear lots of accessories. I always have to have on some earrings, usually studs and my ring which my bf gave me at the beginning of this year ♥. I also love my tree necklace or one that has my initial. As you can tell most of my accessories are in teal or turquoise, which are my favourite colours.

  8. Favourite summer fragrance/perfume?

    I have fallen back in love with the Body Shop Eau de Toilette in Atlas Mountain Rose. It is the perfect combination of sweet and musky that is never too strong or sickly.

  9. Summer book you’re loving?

    This summer I have been catching up on some needed reading. I have loved re-reading The Fault in our Stars by John Green and I am loving at the moment the trilogy called The Maze Runner by James Dashner.

  10. What are you most excited to do this Summer?

    I know that the summer is now about half gone, but I am really looking forward to working on my dissertation which is due next year. I am also planning to write some good blog posts for you to read and to spend some fun time with my bf and my family.

P.S. of note that I have been loving this Summer are the Catrice Prime and Fine Mattifying Powder, the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer and face masks, to name a few my H&M, Montagne Jeunesse and Anatomicals.

Please feel free to do this tag and link it in the comments below. Have a lovely Summer!

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