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A few months back I saw Judy from itsjudytime do the My Makeup Story Tag and I have been wanting to do it ever since. Here is my version and I have added a photo of some of my favourite makeup products as well đŸ™‚

1. How old were you when you started wearing makeup?

I have always loved makeup and I remember each year for carnival I would have my mum do a full face of makeup on me since that was the only time I was allowed to wear proper makeup. However by the age of ten I remember starting to do my own makeup, just a bit of concealer, some blush, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick, but only on the weekends.

2. How did you get into makeup?

As I have said, I have always loved makeup, even though my mum never really wore much of it. As I started growing up my skin started breaking out a lot and makeup helped me feel more confident and beautiful even though my skin was rebelling so much.

3. What are some of your favourite brands?

Rimmel, Bourjois, Sleek, Maybelline, NYX, Essence and Catrice, are just a few of my favourite makeup brands.
4. What does makeup mean to you?

Makeup to me means confidence and how I choose to show myself to others. It helps me feel more at ease and lets me express myself differently everyday depending on my mood.

5. If you could only wear 4 products on your face, what would they be?

Hmmmm, I find this question quite difficult to answer but they would definitely be foundation (or some kind of base), mascara because I am all about enhancing the eyes, bronzer, to help shape and give colour to my face, and a coloured lip balm, to give a pop of colour and keep my lips hydrated at the same time.

6. What is your favourite thing about makeup?

I feel like makeup lets you express yourself and help you come up with a different identity for yourself every time. It can help you look professional or elegant, cute or bold, delicate or fierce.

7. What do you think about drugstore makeup vs high-end makeup?

I have only tried a couple of high-end brands and I love how they perform. However, I find that more and more drugstore brands have risen in quality that the price point of higher-end brands is not justified for me. In comparison, some higher-end brands have disappointed me whilst drugstore brands have surprised me.

8. What is one tip of advice you can give a beginner?

“Start with less. You can add to it but not take it away.” This is a tip I sometimes forget to follow myself if I am being impatient or in a hurry with my makeup. When you are applying products start with less and build the look up. Do not just slather it on but layer it to add it up until you get the final look you are going for.

9. What is one makeup trend you never understood?

There are a number that I feel I can never understand, but one which I will never ever try is the dark lip liner and lighter lips. It just looks like you drew a mustache all over your lips to me. #toeachhisown

10. What do you think about the beauty community on YouTube?

I have been watching beauty videos on YouTube for years now and I have seen how much the videos have changed over the years, in a good way. I love discovering new products, learning different techniques I had no idea existed and discovering new people that love makeup as much as me.

That is the end of my makeup story so far but I would also like to tag some people to do it as well.

Elaine from Blabber Beauty
Lyndsey from Splashes of Looks
Caroline from Diva Inside

Please check out these lovely ladies and post your tag post down below if you want to do your makeup story too!

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