Body Exfoliation | Scrub Away for Gorgeous Skin

Body exfoliation is not limited to scrubs. There are a number of things you can do to achieve smoother and softer skin. Using a combination of these methods will leave your skin looking brighter and looking great for whatever you decide to put on.

The following are items that are always in rotation in my cupboards and which help me exfoliate my skin. I also tend to get a lot of in grown hairs and regular exfoliation helps to get rid of them. Something to keep in mind is that exfoliation also helps the blood circulation in the body.

I like a good grainy scrub to use once or twice a week whilst I am in the shower. At the moment I have The Body Shop’s Early Harvest Raspberry Scrub and the Wild Argan Oil one, both of which are from the new range at The Body Shop. Last month during a Bloggers Event at The Body Shop I also got to view all the products in the Wild Argan Oil range, which you can see below. The scrubs are fine and not too harsh on the skin. Moreover they leave the skin soft and hydrated.

When I want a bit more of a deeper exfoliation I like to use a Body Brush. The one I have is also from The Body Shop and can be used both on dry skin and on wet. Body brushing is mostly done on dry skin and it gives a deeper exfoliation, but still keeping it from being too aggressive. The easy to grip handle and the round brush allows for a good hold and easy maneuvering of the brush around the curves of the body. For an extra boost you can apply a scrub onto the brush and massage on damp skin. However do not do this too often in case your skin gets too sensitive.

Lastly I have been loving exfoliating gloves. This is a recent discovery for me but one which I have been wanting to try for ages. Exfoliating gloves are great if you are feeling particularly lazy. Just pop in the shower, put on your gloves, pour out some shower gel and wash off as you would any other day. The texture of the gloves does all the work for you and it works just as well as any other method I have mentioned.

What is your preferred method of exfoliation?

Check out The Body Shop on Facebook for a look at more products.

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All items were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.

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