How NOT to prepare for a Blogger Event

Being a beauty blogger you’d think getting invited to blogger events is the norm. But in truth, at least in my case, blogging is a hobby, something I do in my free time or whenever I can squeeze in some time to write down a post. Blogger events are usually rare and far in between.

Amazing blogger event for Catrice and Essence together with these lovely ladies – notice me hiding in the background. Photo credit – Lorraine from Lola Loves Sparkles


Having said this, there are some opportunities which crop up that give me the chance to attend to blogger events for brands which I love and believe in. However, since blogging is not my full-time job this can turn into a juggling job, that similar to a fight, does not always see me come out as the victor. Apart from having a full-time job, I am finishing up my last year at University and try and maintain a healthy social life.
Although rare in occurrence the blogger events that I get invited to seem to have one thing in common;  they all seem to happen on that day of the week in which I have already crammed two or three things in. 

For example, for the last event that I was invited to, it had already started with a hiccup. The event was supposed  to be at one in the afternoon on a week day. Now I don’t know if you remember but earlier I said that I have a FULL TIME job, hence my dilemma – should I take a day off or just skip the event all together? Well since I am also still a student, my days off are usually reserved for studying, so my decision was to skip the event – keep in mind however, that the brand was one which I buy all the time, so the woe was much!
After having accepted my fate and gave up on the idea, miraculously something came up for the brand and they had to move the event to later on that day. Imagine my joy and celebration! Here comes the catch – I still had work that day and I had a work social event afterwards which I had agreed to go to before the blogger event came back on…
But fear not, I am not one to be discouraged, what did I do you ask? Well, let me tell you 🙂
I went to work (a little early, I might add, so that I could leave a bit earlier), did a day of work. When the time came, I quickly changed my top (in my car), jeuged up my hair, applied a fresh layer of lipstick and powdered my face, and off I went to the blogger event. As soon as it was over, I set off to my next destination and event, with no time to go home, have a shower and make myself look a bit more decent.
So my advice to you on how (NOT) to get ready if you have a blogger event is:
  • have your makeup on for 8 hours + before you get there 
  • do not shower before hand
  • have flat hair by the time you get to there
  • and most importantly end up looking really drab and worn out by the time you get to the event!
I apologize to my fellow beauty blogger and event organisers, but until my life takes a turn for me having more spare time and chance to glam it up, the below version of me is what you are most likely to get.

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