Product Review: Elf Eyeliner and Shadow Stick

Some time ago I bought these eyeliner and shadow sticks from Elf and I have been using them quite a lot. I had been really looking forward to having some kind of cream shadows to use as a base for my eyeshadow and these were a good buy to start using these bases. I got them in these two shades, which are midnight/blue and plum/purple. There are other combinations to these two including some very neutral ones but I was really curious to try out these two as they are the latest addition to these sets. You can buy these from HERE which is Elf’s UK website. I have put some swatches of the products for you so you can see for yourself just how gorgeous these colors are.

Shadow Stick in Purple

Liner side in Plum

Left Purple, Right Plum

Shadow Stick in Blue

Liner side in Midnight

Left Blue, Right Midnight

My Conclusions:
As you can see from the swatches above the colors are super pigmented and they are so soft and easy to apply to your eyes without having to tug or press down hard. What I do is I apply the product from the shadow part directly to my eyelid and then use either a synthetic brush or my fingers to blend the product well. Be sure to apply a primer underneath as they will crease on their own. These are not cream shadows that will dry and not crease. They do dry and stay put for a long time as when I applied to my hands they wouldn’t budge but you have to apply a primer and shadow over to keep them from creasing over time especially if like me you have oily eyelids. I then use the liner part to line my eyes and these are also good for the water line.

The colors are really pretty and they give so much intensity to any color you apply on top. I really love these and will definitely try to get my hands on all the other combinations they have on the site. These retail for €4.00/£3.50 on the Elf website and you get .24g/.86g of the liner and shadow respectively.

Have you tried any of these liner and shadow sticks from Elf? What do you think?

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