Favorites: Everyday Eyeshadows


I wanted to do a post on my favorite shadows that I use the most for everyday use. The two shadows that I reach for the most are these two that I got from the Elf Studio Single Eye shadow range called Butter Cream and Pebble. I love to use Butter Cream which is a sheer golden tone shadow as an all over the lid color as it brightens up my eyes and gives a little color without it being too much. On the other hand Pebble is a very versatile color which can be used for various looks. I love using it lightly in the crease to give a little more depth and definition to my eyes or as an all over the lid color for that muddy look that looks great through all the day. As you can see from the photos below both shadows have a little dent in them but I still have not hit pan on these even though I use them nearly every day. 

You get quite a lot of product in these pans, 2.75g/0.097oz. for €4.00/£3.50 which is a good amount of product. I got mine from the Elf website HERE. They have various other colors to choose from and I am looking forward to try many more, I especially love the color Amethyst which is a gorgeous deep royal purple.

Butter Cream


Left Butter Cream, Right Pebble

My Conclusions:
I love both these shadows and will definitely repurchase them once they finish although I don’t think that it will be any time soon. I love to try out various shades but most days in the mornings I am feeling lazy and just want a slap of color on the lids to look awake and these are perfect for this. Even more since I still go to University, I don’t want to apply too much color to my lids and these are very neutral and blend nicely.

What are your favorite eye shadow colors for everyday? Have you tried the Elf Single Eye Shadows?

9 thoughts on “Favorites: Everyday Eyeshadows”

  1. these colors are very similar to what i use everyday….something cream-ish and then a darker tan/brown. i always read about elf, but never have seen them here.



  2. I love ELF. I'm forever on their website! I'm looking at buying all the lipsticks, for £1.50 per lipstick its hard to resist. I'm working up to owning the entire ELF range 😛

    Linsay x


  3. @oomph: hope you get a chance to try some of their products as they are amazing!

    @honestlybec: The Smashbox eyelights look really great too.

    @smoosh_kissxx & Jennifer: I love the Elf website too, I am always waiting for the promotions to come on to haul!


  4. Pebble looks gorgeous, from the pics it looks like it has a metallic quality! I have just recently jumped on the NARS bandwagon on the advice of my follows and brought Mekong, its a great colour for daily wear as well as night! xo

    Check out my Wishing for Summer Giveaway here!


  5. @Emily: Wooow Mekong looks really stunning, will have to try it out! Thanks for the suggestion.

    @Kelly: Its true the packaging really looks like the NARS but they are at a very affordable price so I am ready to overlook that and the quality is really amazing!


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