Product Review: Palmer’s Fade Cream

I have a problem with hyper pigmentation in my skin, that means that acne blemishes take a long time to fade and every mark I make on my face stays dark for quite some time. I have been looking for some way to lighten my scars and help to even my tone for a long time and not long ago I came across this product which is aimed to reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage and unwanted discoloration. It is the Palmer’s Skin Success Even Tone Fade Cream, and I decided to give it a try.
I have also started using some lightening face masks and tried to increase my Vitamin C intake as this is supposed to help reduce hyper pigmentation in the skin. More over this product contains Vitamins C and E, Alpha Hydroxy and Sunscreen as ingredients.
Plastic jar containing 75g/2.7oz of product
What they claim:
Recapture your skin’s most radiant, balanced tone with Palmer’s Skin Success Eventone Fade Cream. Uniquely formulated to reduce the appearance of age spots, sun damage, freckles, dark spots or any other unwanted skin discoloration, resulting in skin that is luminous, clear and even.
I apply this before going to bed, however this can be applied under makeup too
Active Ingredients are Hydroquinone as a skin lightener and Octisalate as a Sunscreen
Cream consistency – dense and a little goes a long way
What I think:
This product is meant to reduce dark spots, now this process takes a while to work. The leaflet suggest you apply the product every day and expect results in a month’s time. It also says that this product will make your skin more sensitive to sunlight and thus you have to be more careful and use sun protection which is not a problem for me since I use products with SPF and also a sunscreen daily. I have been trying this product out for a little over a month now, since I wanted to give my honest opinion on this product. I did notice some lightening of the skin with this product. Nothing too dramatic but that is to be expected. However, I noticed that when a blemish is formed and I apply this product to it, the skin lightens in as little as two days which is a great improvement for me. It does not totally remove the blemish but makes it so much easier to be able to hide it with a little concealer.
I do recommend this product, as it does have a very reasonable price especially compared to many others on the market. I got mine from eBay but was very confident in this product as I love the Palmer’s brand and have used hand creams, body creams and even hair masks. In addition they are also a cruelty free brand which I firmly endorse. You can check more information on the brand and this product on the Palmer’s website.
Do you use any lightening creams? What would you recommend?

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Palmer’s Fade Cream”

  1. no to be a pain Charlene, but I heard about night moisturisers having spf being bad for your skin oevrnight or whatever.. I'm not sure though. Just thought I'd share that.

    I love palmer's products though. Very genuine 😀
    Awesome review x


  2. Products containing Hydroquinone aren't the best way to go if you want to lighten your skin naturally. Just rub lemon on the affected areas, it will do wonders. Much more dramatic than waiting weeks for a cream to work. Not to mention, it's natural and safe.
    A problem with Hydroquinone products is that that it temporarily inhibits melanin synthesis, so once you stop using it, your body will produce more than usual to compensate for it…resulting in HYPERpigmentation.


  3. @FaceFixers: Thanks for the suggestion!

    @Dyna: Thanks for letting me know I will try and use it more during the day 🙂

    @SweetLikeJelly & Gaby: thanks, glad you liked it.

    @Segments of Life: Thanks so much for letting me know. The problem with using lemon is that it usually really dries my skin really bad!


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