Favorites: Online Shopping Sites

I have an obsession with shopping! I try to limit myself and always try to set a budget when I’m shopping but online shopping can get more out of hand! Especially lately since I am more at home and on the computer due to having to work on my dissertation! I find myself getting frustrated and bored more often and end up searching the web for what to buy. Most of my cravings come from watching YouTube Beauty gurus or reading blog posts about products. Today I wanted to share with you the sites I visit often to buy from and hope that you find it useful!
eBay website
I use this website for the most random products and end up buying often! I have bought my hair straightener from this site to my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. I also buy many cosmetic items, such as my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Asian productsAvon products and much more. You have to be careful and make sure that the seller has high ratings to ensure your products get to you in time and are genuine.

EyesLipsFace UK website
I am obsessed with this site and with the products. Everything is so affordable and the quality is good for most products. I particularly like the Studio line and the Mineral line but the standard affordable line has many great products too. I love their Mineral lipsticks, their Studio single eye shadows, their Mineral Infused Face Primer and many more products. Moreover, on the Elf Facebook page they give promotional codes for free shipping or discounts on the website weekly.

ASOS website
I love this site to buy clothes and even better I love it to buy cosmetics. The site is now offering free shipping worldwide and there is no minimum spend required. The prices are also very reasonable and you can find luxury and high end products on it too.

New Look website
This is another fashion website that I love! Recently a store for New Look has opened here in Malta too. But since it is a bit of an inconvenience sometimes to go to the store, I find it very easy and accessible to make use of the online shop. The shipping is at an affordable price and it takes a very short time to get to you. Moreover, on the site you can find more stuff than what is available at the store!

Sigma website
I love this website and have been craving many of the brushes from the site. However, right now I have only the SS219 now renamed as the E30 which is the pencil brush and I adore it and use it nearly every single day. However, last week I ordered the F82 which is the Round Top Synthetic Kabuki and I can’t wait to get it and try it out! There are many other brushes which I really would love to get as the quality is really good.

feelunique website
This is a website that offers luxury and high end products for a reasonable price and offers free shipping world wide too. There is a wide variety of brands that you can get from this website and list keeps on growing. I have recently made a very interesting purchase from this website that I will soon talk about on this blog.

The Book Depository website
I am a huge book worm and like nothing best than to curl up in my bed and lose myself in a romantic or fantasy book before going to bed. The Book Depository is a website that allows me to buy many books but at a very good price. Here in Malta the price of books is high and I can get books from this site for as much as more than half the price you would find them here. Moreover, if you need some school related books, there is a wide variety on this site.
Eyeko website
This is a fun website that offers cute and unique makeup items. It also offers free shipping to UK and Europe and if you spend more than $55 you get free shipping world wide. Their big eyes mascara is especially amazing and if you want to get a free gift you can use my code at the checkout which is E14368.

Cheap Smells website
This is a website which offers a huge variety of products. Mainly it offers perfumes at a very affordable price. But it also has a variety of cosmetic brands and limited stock of items at a reduced price. I am not a huge lover of the name but the quality is really good and the site offers shipping for most countries.
Play website
I love the Play.com website for books too and for other things like buying DVDs. As with most things, original DVDs are overpriced here in Malta and this is a very safe and fast site to get them.

The Cosmetic House website
Last but surely not least is The Cosmetic House which is one of my favorite websites to buy cosmetics from. The prices are hugely reduced and you can get many deals from this website. You can also get some discontinued items and high end items that have been available for some time. The shipping is calculated on the weight of the products but the time it takes to get to you is really good. I have already bought more than once from the site and love the products and their quality.

I hope you have found this helpful and that you visit these sites and see for yourself the quality of the products offered.

What are your favorite sites to shop from? Have you used any of the mentioned sites?

10 thoughts on “Favorites: Online Shopping Sites”

  1. @Amanda: Thanks for sharing 🙂

    @Gertrude: I love the variety they both offer!

    @Miss LV: I have bought from them and had no problem at all! Sorry to hear you had problems though 😦

    @LOOK! FLYING MONKEYS!: Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    @Christine: Good luck for the giveaway 🙂


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