Product Review: Astor Perfect Stay Lip Tint in Rosewood Blush

This is my first lip stain and it is in this marker type packaging which looks so weird to apply to your lips but works amazingly well. This is the Astor Perfect Stay Transferproof Lip Tint and Care in 103 Rosewood Blush. Many brands offer these types of lip tints such as Revlon, NYC and Cover Girl so there are many options if you want to try this kind of product.

The product comes with two ends,
one having the marker with the
lip stain and
the other end has a
lip balm since stains tend to
dry out your lips!
The lip stain is in the shade 103 Rosewood Blush,
a gorgeous
berry rose color that is perfect for a
statement lip in the Summer
The other end of the product is a simple standard
lip balm
that acts as a sealer to the lips and also hydrates
and gives some gloss to the lips
A swatch of Rosewood Blush
I find that this product stays on the lips for some time
but if you are eating and drinking a lot I think you still have to 
reapply it after some time.
I don’t have any similar products from other brands so I wouldn’t
know how others compare but let me know on the staying power
of other brands for similar products.

Have you tried any lip stains? What are you favorites? What do you think about this shade?

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