Smokey Grey Eyes and False Lashes

I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately but I promise I will be making it up to you in the future, just had some personal issues that I had to sort out! Today I will be showing you a smoky eyes featuring these lovely lashes that were sent to me by KKCenterHK for reviewing purposes. This company is situated in Hong Kong and specializes in selling false lashes and wigs but also offer a wide variety of makeup palettes with eye shadows and face products. They also have a wide variety of nail polish and tools and various brushes and accessories for your makeup application. You can check their website HERE

They are the A 155 lashes and they are a little more dramatic
and fuller than what I am used to.
However the quality is amazing as always and they will
look great for a glamorous night out!
They come in a pack of  10 pairs so you
get 20 lashes to play around with!
They give you really nice length and volume!
For this look I made use of the
Inglot AMC 18 Silver Shade
and the
Elf Beauty Encyclopedia the Natural Eye Edition.
They have a nice flexible seam that allows
for quick and fast application. I make use of the
Duo Lash glue!

I do not usually wear such full lashes having naturally nice lashes but for a fun night out I love how fabulous these look.

Which are you favorite lashes? What do you think about this look?

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