Product Review: Constance Carroll Blush in Mystic Rose

This blush is gorgeous for Summer with glamorous tanned skin. This is another of my favorite blushers by Constance Carroll in the shade Mystic Rose which is a gorgeous mauve/reddish shade. This shade is also gorgeous in Winter months as it gives paler skin a nice glow to the cheeks.

The packaging contains the blush and a 
little blush brush
which is not practical for use.
Simple and sturdy packaging!
The shade is 23 Mystic Rose and
the brand is
Constance Carroll
The blusher has very little shimmer
so you don’t end up looking like a disco ball!
It usually looks like its matte when applied
to the skin which is my favorite type of blush!
The color payoff is really great as you can see
and the shade looks
gorgeous on the skin!
It has great lasting power on the skin too.

Do you like this shade? What is your favorite Summer blush?

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