MAC Malta | Makeup Application & Experience

MAC Cosmetics

At the end of last month I was invited to the MAC store in Malta for a makeup application by two of MAC’s professional artists from MAC Italia and I was only too happy to oblige.

Being a skeptic myself in having other people touch my face and put makeup on it, I was a bit anxious at what the end result would be but had no reservations about getting some expert tips from Michele and Roberta.

A few minutes after getting to the store I was seated and happily chatting away with the charismatic Michele whilst Roberta started to strip away my day makeup and applying the base layer, ready for the foundation.

MAC Waterweight Foundation

It was here that I was introduced to the MAC Studio Waterweight Foundation which has SPF 30 and is in an elegant matted glass bottle with a dropper. The foundation itself is an ultra-thin fluid consistency that has a gel serum formula and which gives a second skin like finish to the face with an almost weightless feel. Roberta applied it with a brush and patted it in with a makeup sponge.

I decided to confide in Michele about my continued difficulty to apply that perfect winged liner using a liquid liner and there the challenge was set. Roberta applied the MAC Liquid Eye Liner in Boot Black on one eye and I was given the task to try out the other side myself. After a shaky start I gave it my best shot and ended up with a good enough replica of Roberta’s side. I was impressed!

MAC, A Cosmetif Affair, Malta

The winged liner look being my favourite everyday go-to, I was surprised how a slightly thicker line in the inner part of my eye changed the eye shape in a very flattering way.

The rest of the face consisted of bronzed and fresh cheeks, together with glossy lips and eye-lids. Michele decided to give me a wet-look on the eyes, using the MAC Lustreglass lip gloss in Lustrewhite, that while not being very practical for an everyday choice, was surprisingly pleasing to look at. As he described it himself, Michele wanted a “l’occhio bagnato” look and that is exactly what he achieved.

MAC Cosmetics

To finish off with some glow on the cheeks, Roberta made use of the MAC Cream Colour Base in Pearl, which gives a very subtle highlight to the cheeks without being glittery. A product that immediately went down on my wishlist as I have been on the hunt for the perfect highlight for years.

Saddened that the makeup chat and application had come to an end I took a couple shots around the gorgeous MAC store and hugged Michele and Roberta goodbye!

What are your favourite MAC products?  What else should I add to my wishlist?

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