What I’m Loving: June 2014

For my June Favourites I have a mixture of items that I have been loving. Since it was also exam month, the beauty products are mostly limited to skin care, but in the mix there is also a book and food.

Starting off from what I have been loving most the past month, is The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. I had already read this book months ago but since the movie just came out last month I had to go through it again. I have yet to go watch the movie but the book is really amazing. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry and all the other emotions in between!

My next is a perfume, The Body Shop Atlas Mountain Rose Eau de Toilette. I have just rediscovered this scent which has been repackaged since I last had it. It is a light, sweet, floral scent that is not too heavy and works both for during the day and at night. I find it is perfect for Summer time and the scent lingers on the skin for a long time.

Another beauty product that I have been loving this past month is the Rituals Creamy Foam Cleanser with lotus flower and moringa extract. This gentle cleanser works well for dry, irritated skin and smells heavenly. For my irritated skin I also like to use products which have zinc in them. I really want to try the La Roche Posay SeroZinc face spray but in-lieu of it, or rather in its absence of this product in Malta, I found the Uriage Anti-irritation spray. I use this as a toner or as a refreshing spray when my skin is feeling particularly dehydrated or irritated and it really helps to soothe it.

Another skin care item which I love to use when I am a bit in a hurry but want a bit of a treat, is the Decleor Flash Radiance Mask. This is a gel-like texture mask that is full of enzymes and helps your skin look radiance and healthier in a matter of minutes.

The next item I have been loving, I have been using at the end of June but I have been loving it, and it’s an Organiser. I am not much good usually to write down things but I have been finding this cute organiser which was a gift from my cousin to be really wonderful to jot down ideas for blog posts and to keep track of what I need to do.

Lastly, this month I had pancakes for the first time, prepared by my boyfriends mum and thickly spread with Nutella by my boyfriend 😀 If you have never had them, what are you waiting for? They are delicious!!

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What I’m Loving: May 2014

It is that time of the year again, exam time (save me). However, luckily it is also that time of the month (albeit a little late), Favourites time 🙂

If you have been following me on Instagram, then you will know that I have been doing the #100happydays challenge where I take a picture everyday of something or someone that has made my day happier. As you can imagine from a beauty junkie as myself, some of these shots are of products that I have been loving lately. 

Firstly, I am currently madly in love with The Body Shop. During May I finished off my Moroccan Rose, Eau de Toilette, which smells really fresh and not too sweet. Since then I have gotten myself the newer version of this scent which is the Atlas Mountain Rose scent. I have also been loving The Body Shop, Honey and Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask. I use this mask once a week, sometimes twice, and it works wonders on my sensitive skin. It helps clear out any impurities and leaves the skin soft and hydrated. I am already halfway through this cute tub and have used it multiple times, so it’s well worth getting.

Next item in my May addictions is the Batiste Dry Shampoo. During May I was getting slightly greasy roots on second day hair, thus was on the lookout for a good dry shampoo to refresh my hair between washes and get some volume back into it. Enter the Batiste big & bouncy XXL volume Dry Shampoo. I am loving the different variants of the Batiste Dry Shampoos, not a big fan of the white powder but once I massage it into the roots, it all looks quite fresh. Also hair related, I have been loving the Schwarzkopf Gliss Hair Repair which has Liquid Keratin in it. I am currently trying to grow my hair out and haven’t gone to the hair dresser in what feels like forever. So I need to keep my hair in great shape and protected since I use lots of heat styling tools. This product works wonders and leaving the hair quite smooth as well, so that it is easier to smooth and work with after a wash.

Another May favourite was nails. During the month I tried the Rimmel Pro Matte Finish Top Coat which is amazing at giving you matte nails in any colour. I tried mine with the Inglot Nail Enamel in the 860 Red shade and loved it. I also was loving pink during the month and if you want some gorgeous pink nails, just try some of the Essence ones, I think I might have most of their pinks. The ones shown from Left to Right are; 104 Sweet as Candy, 106 Free Hugs, 107 Naughty and Pink, 108 Ultimate Pink and 110 Modern Romance.

Some random favourites are the Nivea Aqua Effect Face Mask for sensitive skin with honey, which was surprisingly good for Nivea masks. I also tried the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind concealer, which no surprise I got in a shade that is a bit too dark for me at the moment. However, I liked the consistency and will surely get much use of it in the Summer months. I am also loving these chubby stick pencil type lip products. I have the Clinique Chubby Stick in 15 Pudgy Peony, the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Stain in Honey and the No 7 High Shine Lip Crayon in Delicate Pink.

Last but definitely not least, I am loving the La Roche Posay Toleraine Soothing Protective Skincare Face Cream. It has seriously changed my skin. It calms any irritations on my skin which is usually what leads to more breakouts for me. I love applying it at night or during the day if I am having a no makeup, relax at home, kind of day. This one is a little bit too shiny for under makeup, but I just got myself the combination to oily version so cannot wait to use it every day.

What have you been loving lately? Any common favourites? 🙂

Summer Favorites: Cream Eyeshadows

In Summer time the last thing you want to do is spend hours blending away on your eye makeup. Cream eye shadows are a great alternative to the powder ones. They offer you a fast and easy look with one swipe and long lasting color all day. These are some of my favorites that I have used all Summer long!

Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner
The Benefit Creaseless Cream Eyeshadow/Liner are great products. They give you a great selection of shades to choose from and they last all day on your eyes even without a primer. If you have oily lids and want to use a primer than the staying power is guaranteed. I have these in 3 shades; Tattle Tale, Sippin’ n Dippin’ and Bunny Hop.

From Left to Right: Bunny Hop
Tattle Tale, Sippin’ n Dippin’
They come in these cute little pots
of product
Benefit’s Bunny Hop
Swatch of Bunny Hop

Benefit’s Tattle Tale
Swatch of Tattle Tale

Benefit’s Sippin’ n Dippin’
Swatch of Sippin’ n Dippin’
A little goes a long way with these products. They are easy to blend, they give you enough time to distribute over the eyelid and then they set to a near powdery finish. They can also be used as a base under your eye shadow for a more intense look. You can apply these with your fingers or using a synthetic brush.

Next are the Rimmel Colour Mousse 8Hr Eye Creams. I have these in only 2 shades, both wearable and gorgeous shades. Glitz and Sassy are the names of the shades.

From Left to Right:
Glitz and Sassy
These have a very cooling sensation on the eyes and they apply with a metallic sheen which I love. They also set to a lovely glossy finish that lasts for a long time on the eyes. I have tried these both with and without eye primer underneath and they last all day on me both ways.

These are slightly larger pots
5ml/0.17oz of product

Rimmel’s Glitz
Swatch of Glitz

Rimmel’s Sassy
Swatch of Sassy
As you can see the consistency of the Rimmel Cream shadows differs from the Benefit ones. For longevity they are pretty equal in my opinion. The price differs a lot between brands as expected but I love them both nonetheless.

If you haven’t tried any cream eye shadows for fear of creasing, I urge to try some and I am sure you will not regret it. They have been my favorites this Summer and I’m sure they will continue to be in the other seasons too.

What are your favorite cream eye shadows? Do you like Rimmel and Benefit?

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P.S. I have just returned from my Rome holiday! So expect a haul soon!

MAC MSF Dupes!! NYC Chroma Face Glow Review

Recently I was browsing through an online makeup site and came across the NYC Chroma Face Glow and they immediately reminded me of the MAC Mineralize SkinFinish. They were available in two lovely shades; Sunstone and Moonstone, and obviously I had to get my hands on both of them. Sunstone is the corally/warmer shade and Moonstone is a pinkier/rosy shade.

The products come in very simple but
sturdy packaging which allows you to see the product
without having to open the case which can sometimes be a little
bothersome. From
Left to Right: Sunstone and Moonstone
The products have veins in them that provide great
effect in the Summer. They are both
not overly pigmented and
very shimmery
. These products work great for a very sheer blush or
as a highlight shade
! I find these perfect to apply on tan skin for that sunkissed look 

NYC Chroma Face Glow in Sunstone
A gorgeous corally shade with veining of brown and mint,
gives a glorious dewy finish to a tanned face together with a
bronzed or warm eye look
You get 0.36oz/10.2g of product
I got mine from The Cosmetic House for
2.25 pounds
I love how the back of the packaging is so fun and bright!

NYC Chroma Face Glow in Moonstone
A delicious pinky/rosy shade with plum and gold veining
Gives a nice light shimmery sheen that goes well with light shades on the eyes
You get 0.36oz/10.2g of product
I got mine from The Cosmetic House for
2.25 pounds

From Left to Right: Moonstone and Sunstone
I find that once applied to skin they may look very similar,
however it also depends on how I use them.
If I use the product just as a highlight shade then the difference is not very noticeable,
but if I just use bronzer on the face and a touch of the NYC Chroma Face Glow on the
cheeks the product color shows up more
I love how this product although it gives a gorgeous sheen, doesn’t have big glitter chunks that end up all over the skin. The product is not too powdery either so that it doesn’t end up all over the face and makes you look like a disco ball. The sheen as you may notice is really amazing and on the face the effect looks even better. If I were to recommend this product I would say that you can get away with just getting one shade, however I really love this product and for the price I am really glad to have gotten them both. You really end up using a small amount of product so I am sure these will last a long time!

Have you tried the NYC Chroma Face Glow? How do you think it compares to the MAC MSFs?

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Summer Favorites: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rose & Shine

This is the first post in my Mini Summer Series which will feature favorite products that I am loving during the Summer months. I find that as the seasons change my love for certain products grows while other products I seem to never use at all! For this post it will be all about my favorite Summer lipstick which is the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Rose & Shine (get the pun)!

First thing you notice in this lipstick is the super
sleek packaging
. Its black with a golden band round the middle
Revlon in Bold Black lettering!
The product consists of a light texture lipstick
that provides
good hydration and does not sit
heavily on the lips. Can be applied
sheerly for a light pinky glossy look
or the intensity of the color can be increased.
The finish for the lipstick is Pearl and the color
no. 619 Rose & Shine which is a gorgeous warm pink
slightly shimmery
A swatch of this product shows how nice, sheer and
this lipstick is and as you can see the shimmer is really minimal
Lastly, this is the product applied to my lips and then this is
transfer that I got when applied to a piece of paper! I got this idea from
iamxteeener who has just recently started blogging! As you can see
shimmer shows a little here too!

Do you own any of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks? What do you think about this product?

Product Review: Constance Carroll Blusher in Dawn Glow

I have had this blusher for some time now and this has to be my most reached for and loved blusher I own! I have phases with blusher where I sometimes change my most reached for blusher but in the end I always end up going back to this blusher. This is the Constance Carroll Blusher in Dawn Glow.

The packaging is very simple and nothing special
however it is
very sturdy and has lasted for years now!
The shade is no. 8 Dawn Glow
and it is a gorgeous peachy corally shade
The blusher is really pigmented and what I usually do is
load up the brush with product then blend it on the back
of my hand and then apply to my cheeks
You also get a little brush which is fairly useless
A swatch of Dawn Glow
This blush usually last on my skin for about
six hours before starting to fade a little

What is your favorite blusher? What do you think about this color?

Favorites: Online Shopping Sites

I have an obsession with shopping! I try to limit myself and always try to set a budget when I’m shopping but online shopping can get more out of hand! Especially lately since I am more at home and on the computer due to having to work on my dissertation! I find myself getting frustrated and bored more often and end up searching the web for what to buy. Most of my cravings come from watching YouTube Beauty gurus or reading blog posts about products. Today I wanted to share with you the sites I visit often to buy from and hope that you find it useful!
eBay website
I use this website for the most random products and end up buying often! I have bought my hair straightener from this site to my Nokia 5800 Xpress Music. I also buy many cosmetic items, such as my Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Asian productsAvon products and much more. You have to be careful and make sure that the seller has high ratings to ensure your products get to you in time and are genuine.

EyesLipsFace UK website
I am obsessed with this site and with the products. Everything is so affordable and the quality is good for most products. I particularly like the Studio line and the Mineral line but the standard affordable line has many great products too. I love their Mineral lipsticks, their Studio single eye shadows, their Mineral Infused Face Primer and many more products. Moreover, on the Elf Facebook page they give promotional codes for free shipping or discounts on the website weekly.

ASOS website
I love this site to buy clothes and even better I love it to buy cosmetics. The site is now offering free shipping worldwide and there is no minimum spend required. The prices are also very reasonable and you can find luxury and high end products on it too.

New Look website
This is another fashion website that I love! Recently a store for New Look has opened here in Malta too. But since it is a bit of an inconvenience sometimes to go to the store, I find it very easy and accessible to make use of the online shop. The shipping is at an affordable price and it takes a very short time to get to you. Moreover, on the site you can find more stuff than what is available at the store!

Sigma website
I love this website and have been craving many of the brushes from the site. However, right now I have only the SS219 now renamed as the E30 which is the pencil brush and I adore it and use it nearly every single day. However, last week I ordered the F82 which is the Round Top Synthetic Kabuki and I can’t wait to get it and try it out! There are many other brushes which I really would love to get as the quality is really good.

feelunique website
This is a website that offers luxury and high end products for a reasonable price and offers free shipping world wide too. There is a wide variety of brands that you can get from this website and list keeps on growing. I have recently made a very interesting purchase from this website that I will soon talk about on this blog.

The Book Depository website
I am a huge book worm and like nothing best than to curl up in my bed and lose myself in a romantic or fantasy book before going to bed. The Book Depository is a website that allows me to buy many books but at a very good price. Here in Malta the price of books is high and I can get books from this site for as much as more than half the price you would find them here. Moreover, if you need some school related books, there is a wide variety on this site.
Eyeko website
This is a fun website that offers cute and unique makeup items. It also offers free shipping to UK and Europe and if you spend more than $55 you get free shipping world wide. Their big eyes mascara is especially amazing and if you want to get a free gift you can use my code at the checkout which is E14368.

Cheap Smells website
This is a website which offers a huge variety of products. Mainly it offers perfumes at a very affordable price. But it also has a variety of cosmetic brands and limited stock of items at a reduced price. I am not a huge lover of the name but the quality is really good and the site offers shipping for most countries.
Play website
I love the Play.com website for books too and for other things like buying DVDs. As with most things, original DVDs are overpriced here in Malta and this is a very safe and fast site to get them.

The Cosmetic House website
Last but surely not least is The Cosmetic House which is one of my favorite websites to buy cosmetics from. The prices are hugely reduced and you can get many deals from this website. You can also get some discontinued items and high end items that have been available for some time. The shipping is calculated on the weight of the products but the time it takes to get to you is really good. I have already bought more than once from the site and love the products and their quality.

I hope you have found this helpful and that you visit these sites and see for yourself the quality of the products offered.

What are your favorite sites to shop from? Have you used any of the mentioned sites?