Body Exfoliation | Scrub Away for Gorgeous Skin

Body exfoliation is not limited to scrubs. There are a number of things you can do to achieve smoother and softer skin. Using a combination of these methods will leave your skin looking brighter and looking great for whatever you decide to put on.

The following are items that are always in rotation in my cupboards and which help me exfoliate my skin. I also tend to get a lot of in grown hairs and regular exfoliation helps to get rid of them. Something to keep in mind is that exfoliation also helps the blood circulation in the body.

I like a good grainy scrub to use once or twice a week whilst I am in the shower. At the moment I have The Body Shop’s Early Harvest Raspberry Scrub and the Wild Argan Oil one, both of which are from the new range at The Body Shop. Last month during a Bloggers Event at The Body Shop I also got to view all the products in the Wild Argan Oil range, which you can see below. The scrubs are fine and not too harsh on the skin. Moreover they leave the skin soft and hydrated.

When I want a bit more of a deeper exfoliation I like to use a Body Brush. The one I have is also from The Body Shop and can be used both on dry skin and on wet. Body brushing is mostly done on dry skin and it gives a deeper exfoliation, but still keeping it from being too aggressive. The easy to grip handle and the round brush allows for a good hold and easy maneuvering of the brush around the curves of the body. For an extra boost you can apply a scrub onto the brush and massage on damp skin. However do not do this too often in case your skin gets too sensitive.

Lastly I have been loving exfoliating gloves. This is a recent discovery for me but one which I have been wanting to try for ages. Exfoliating gloves are great if you are feeling particularly lazy. Just pop in the shower, put on your gloves, pour out some shower gel and wash off as you would any other day. The texture of the gloves does all the work for you and it works just as well as any other method I have mentioned.

What is your preferred method of exfoliation?

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Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored. All items were purchased with my own money. All opinions are my own.

REVIEW | Self Tanning vs Gradual Tanning

Whenever you are faced with a difficult decision, I always find it best to list the good and bad things of each respective choice, then you have a clear view of what you are getting yourself into. When it comes to tanning, I think it best to avoid the first choice, which is sun-bathing, but otherwise I love having some self-tanning or using a gradual tanner to get some colour into my otherwise pale skin.

Both methods for tanning have their good and bad, in my opinion, and what better way to choose which one is better suited for you, than for me to give you an overview of what are my likes and dislikes for each method. I know that Summer is now officially over but here in Malta, the weather is still very much not done with being warm. Moreover, whenever I am in the mood for putting on a dress I feel that giving your legs that even tone and warm glow can make a whole lot of difference.

Starting off with gradual tanning, I am currently loving two products. The Dove Summer Glow Body Lotion and the Palmer’s Natural Bronze Body Lotion. Gradual tanning is great because you can apply the lotion directly with your hands and the product will not stain your hands. 

Moreover, the product is more forgiving since the colour build-up does not occur as rapidly as with self-tanning products. Unfortunately if you hate the ‘biscuit’ smell that goes with tanning, gradual tanning is not free from it. However, I will say that the Palmer’s one has a lesser scent due to having a mixture of Cocoa Butter to it.

I find that the gradual tanning is more forgiving as well if you are in a hurry and just want a hint of colour on your legs. You can apply as you would any other lotion and you’re good to go. I have not had any problem with staining on my clothes. Obviously, since the tanning is not so concentrate the effect will last less than self-tanning would, but the tan doesn’t get as patchy either.

On the other hand, I find that self-tanning can still get a bit messy, but gives a more long-lasting effect. I love using the St. Moriz products and I have both the mousse and the lotion. Both products need to be applied with a self-tanning mitt, that is unless you want to have oompa loompa hands. The scent is strong and yes it does smell like biscuits.

If you have problem with dry skin, make sure to apply a good body lotion to the affected areas, otherwise you will end up with darker patches. To make sure that the tan is even, scrub and exfoliate your skin properly before applying the tanning lotion. Since my skin is prone to being dry, I exfoliate and moisturise before tanning, otherwise it will be one patchy mess.

If your tan starts getting patchy, again scrubbing and exfoliating is your best friend! Whether you are going to tan again or your just want to get rid of the fake tan, exfoliation is key. For more tips and my favourite products for exfoliating, check back soon on A Cosmetic Affair, a post is in the making.

Which do you prefer? Self-tanning or Gradual Tanning?

The Yves Rocher Beauty Spa | An Introduction

Yves Rocher Beauty Spa

Although the Yves Rocher stores have been in Malta for only about a year, they have also recently opened up one of their Beauty Spas in the Paola outlet. If you have not heard about Yves Rocher yet here is the skinny on the brand…

“Yves Rocher is the originator and lead of the brand. Celebrating more than 50 years of beauty, Yves Rocher researchers are constantly studying the adaptability and life mechanisms of botanicals. All of their products are botanical and guaranteed to be safe and effective.”

If you have been round this parts before you may know that I really enjoy the brand and have in fact reviewed some of my all favourite products here. Therefore when Yves Rocher contacted me to visit their Beauty Spa and try out one of their facials I was over the moon.

The Yves Rocher Beauty Spa is part of their store in Paola and offers a vast range of services and facials that are sure to accommodate the needs of everyone. They offer facials to relax, purify, soothe or boost your skin. For the body they have a number of massages that can last up to an hour and they also offer makeup application and waxing treatments. 

black vanilla tea

Here is a little about how my experience at the spa went. As soon as I stepped in the Beauty Spa I was offered a warm drink – I went for the Black Vanilla, a favourite of mine. The atmosphere is very relaxing and even though I had been a bit nervous about this experience I soon loosened up and sipped my tea whilst reading some of the magazines that were at my disposal.

Soothing Facial

Since my skin is very sensitive and tends to break out I went for the Sooth Treatment that lasts 1 hour 15 minutes and in which they use products with botanical Sophorin to get rid of the redness and calm the skin. One thing which I was very impressed about is that the products used for the treatments are not the same ones that are sold in the store. They are the professional version and are exclusive to the Yves Rocher Beauty Spa’s. The beauty therapist that was carrying out my facial explained to me how she had been trained by other therapists from abroad to perform the facial. So whichever Yves Rocher Beauty Spa you go to around the world, you will be receiving the same service and the same products will be used on you.

Yves Rocher Facial

Another thing I really liked was that some of the products are in sachets, and that for each treatment a whole sachet is used on just one person, thus ensuring that the properties of the product are used most effectively and in a very hygienic way as well. 

Now to be honest, I have always been a bit sceptical about facials. Only had one in my life and was not that impressed. But there are no words to describe the wonderful feeling of bliss and relaxation that you are left with after the treatment is done. Moreover my skin felt refreshed, clean and clear.

If you are feeling in desperate need of a pamper, just head on to the Yves Rocher Beauty Spa or check them out on Facebook or Twitter!
Yves Rocher Stores can be found at:
11, Bisazza street, SLIEMA   (Next to Sorbino and Ice watch)
219, Merchants street, VALLETTA   (Next to Pumpkins Patch and in front of Caruana or the Electro store)
76, Antoine de Paule square, PAOLA (Next to Gauda)

Find them on Google Maps here.

REVIEW | Avène Cold Cream Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel

Avene Cold Cream Ultra Cleansing Gel review shower gel eau thermal

Since I suffer from eczema and dry skin, sometimes I like to make use of a shower wash that is more gentle and targeted for sensitive skin and lately I have been using the Av
ène Cold Cream Gel. As it says on the packaging this product is specifically targeted for dry to very dry sensitive skin, ergo my kind of skin!

The Avène Cold Cream Ultra Rich Cleansing Gel is a light consistency cleanser, that helps your skin replenish the moisture it needs without causing irritations. You get 250ml of a milky white textured gel that does not foam up too much, which may cause irritations, and can be used daily all over your body. It also comes in a very convenient squeezy tube that lets you get out as much product as you want.

It also contains the Avène Thermal Spring Water, orange oil and rosemary leaf oil. It has a light scent to it but I did not find it offensive in any way or irritating. I am very careful what kind of products I use on my skin as I can get very aggressive reactions and this product has not broken me out or caused any irritations whatsoever. 

Which products would you recommend for sensitive skin?

Skincare Thursdays: Soothing Eye Care

When it comes to eyes and around the eyes, being gentle and using the soothing products is really important. If you have sensitive eyes, or suffer from allergies, using products that are targeted for sensitive eyes is even more important.

Lately, I have been using this product from Yves Rocher as my everyday eye cream and I find it really soothing and light around the eyes. It is the Active Sensitive Soothing Decongesting Eye Care for Sensitive Eyes. It is a light, thin cream that sinks easily in the skin around the eyes and does not leave any sticky residue behind.

I find that with eye creams, you cannot get everything in one. You cannot get anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness, anti-dark-circles from just one product. But you should instead focus on what you need most from your eye cream on that day. This product works great for me during this time of the year when it gets too warm and my eyes are even more sensitive due to my allergies. 

You get 15ml in this tube and Yves Rocher is a really good brand to look for skincare that is good for sensitive skin at an affordable price.

What is your favourite eye cream at the moment?

Skincare Thursdays: Dealing with Sensitive Skin

Sensitive skin is easily irritated and it is important to choose products that are specifically for sensitive skin that aims to calm and soothe the skin. These are my top products that I use to keep my skin calm and happy!

The La Roche Posay Toleriane Range is amazing for intolerant, sensitive skin. I an currently using the Soothing Protective Skincare at night, since it is more for dry skin, and the Toleriane Fluide for during the day and underneath makeup, as it is oil-free. These two are indispensable in my everyday routine. They are light on the skin, really gentle and have no strong fragrance to them. I am looking forward to try more products from this range as I have heard great things about their cleanser as well. I find that the French pharmacy brands are really the way to go for problematic skin. You can find these in any pharmacy which stocks La Roche Posay.

Next is the Lavera Cleansing Gel with Organic Lemon Balm and Organic Mallow. This brand uses organic and natural ingredients that give you amazing results. This cleanser is a gel that is not too foamy, which is great for people with sensitive skin as foam usually dries out the skin. It has a very relaxing scent of lemon that also helps to calm me down. I use it both day and night and have already bought my third tube of this from Holland & Barrett.

I also like to make use of serums as they really help the skin deep down. Lately, I have been using this one from Botanics called the Skin Relief Serum Ultra Calm with calming marshmallow. It is a light consistency and helps calm the skin all day. Works well under makeup or on its own when you are just chilling at home. 
An important step in my routine is toning. As per recommendations from the skincare queen herself I like using toners both to exfoliate my skin but also to calm and hydrate it. This is the step you take after cleansing your skin. I love using the Roberts Rose Water which is super gentle on the skin and helps calm any redness. Just pour some onto a cotton pad and apply to the skin. Follow up with your serums and normal skincare routine.

As a summary, when dealing with sensitive skin, make sure to look out for products that specifically say ‘calming‘, ‘soothing‘ and that are for sensitive skin. Stay away from products that have a million and one ingredients and go back to basic. The less you use the more your skin will be less prone to being irritated.

If you have rosacea and for more tips on sensitive skin, I have written this article on Eve.

What are your favourite products for sensitive skin?

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The Body Shop Vitamin C Skin Boost

Lately The Body Shop have been coming out with some amazing skin care and face base products. I just recently started using their Vitamin C Skin Boost which I use just before I put on my foundation, to help it glide on better and give a boost of radiance to my skin.

This product comes in a convenient pump and you get 30ml of product. You only need one pump for all over the skin to get a nice silky finish. Don’t over use the product otherwise you will end up looking like a grease ball.

Vitamin C is amazing for the skin as it gives it a glow and makes it look healthier and I love The Body Shop’s range. The product also contains Brazil Nut Oil and Cane Oil so it’s really good for your skin.

Have you tried any Vitamin C infused products? What are your favourites?