REVIEW | Pupa Milano Luminys Touch

pupa cosmetics, maltaBeing a light sleeper and a workaholic, dark circles are a common occurrence in my life. Usually resorting to washing my face with cold water in the morning and to a good layer of concealer under my eyes, I am left with an acceptable enough result to my daily problem.

Although I had of course seen and heard about illuminating pens to be used around the face to brighten and lift any dark areas, I had always put them down as wishy-washy products that promise a million and one things but fail to deliver. That is until I got my hands on the Pupa Milano Luminys Touch Face Illuminator with Light Effect.

As with other illuminators you click the back and product comes out from the front where you have a short bristled brush that allows you to apply the product easily to various areas of the face. The tube is a sliver metallic material that looks sleek but can be impractical if you can have left-over foundation or makeup products on your hands as it ends up with fingerprints all over. However, I must admit that I do love the presentation of all Pupa Milano products, which tend to be cute but sleek and classical looking at the same time.

pupa cosmetics in malta, illuminator, touche eclatThe Luminys Touch Face Illuminator, for which I have the shade #02 Luminous Sand,  also comes in two more shades, #01 Luminous Ivory and #03 Luminous Peach.

Although a bit unsure about the product and shade I gave it a go and I was head over heals about the product since the first use. I like to use it mostly under my eyes, since that is my trouble area. The product which is a very thin consistency is not tacky or oily and with a few strokes and a brush to blend it in you are left with visibly brighter skin.

The product has no shimmer to it but manages to lift the darker tones to bring about more light to the area. I usually like to add a couple strokes to the top of the cheeks for a slightly highlighted effect. The Luminys Touch consistency goes from liquid to slightly powdery finish without being heavy on the skin and without going into the creases under the eyes, which is a usual problem for me.

I am very impressed with the subtle yet effective result it gives to the overall look of the face and will be surely run out to repurchase once it finishes. Moreover, I am on the lookout for the peach coloured version as I think it will also act as a colour corrector. The Pupa Milano Luminys Touch retails for €14.80.

*Some of the products mentioned are PR samples. This does not in any way affect my review. All opinions are my own.

What is your favourite Pupa Milano product? Do you have a favourite face illuminator?

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