A Walkabout to – Blue Grotto & Qrendi

Malta, travel, Qrendi

Welcome to the first ‘Walkabout’ post on A Cosmetic Affair. The intention behind these sort of posts is to give you a glimpse through my own perspective of locations both local, in my home country, Malta, and hopefully in the future also abroad.

Except for today’s post which is an introduction, I want these posts to be more visual than text-based, in hopes that you can forget your surroundings and be transported to a beautiful location, whether it is in the countryside, by the sea, visiting some wild animals, at the park or the city.

I hope that you enjoy these walkabouts with me and if there are any particular locations on the island that you would like me to visit, let me know in the comments below.

This walkabout is about the area around the Blue Grotto in Zurrieq and the Maqluba Valley in the village of Qrendi. Both locations are major tourist attractions on our little island, Malta. The first being a series of sea caverns that are located on the southern coast, whilst the latter is a sinkhole filled with Carob and Sandrac Gum trees. Both are amazing natural wonders that one should not miss a visit to.

Blue Grotto & Qrendi

Malta, Filfla, travel, wander lust

Cute, cat, malta, travel

Malta, Zurrieq, travel, wander lust, Blue Grotto

Malta, Filfla, travel

malta, mtahleb, travel

mtahleb, malta, travel

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