REVIEW | Pupa Milano Nourishing Lip Balm

pupa milano malta, oil, dry, chapped, lips, balm, treatment

No matter the season, I find that my lips tend to get dry and cracked if not properly cared for. During the night or when the weather is at extremes; either too hot or too cold, my lips get super dry and chapped.

For this reason, especially during the night, I like to apply an extra thick lip balm to make sure that my lips get all the nourishment and hydration they can get whilst I am not talking or eating or drinking.

When I saw the Pupa Milano Balmy Oil, the first thing that went through my mind was “Oh no! It’s a gloss.” Although I am a huge lipstick junkie, lip gloss has never been a favourite of mine. I hate the sticky residue it leaves behind that usually ends up with hair sticking to it and an uncomfortable feeling on the lips. However, the words ‘Balmy Oil’ immediately grabbed my attention and had me curious if this product would indeed hydrate my lips or just sit on it as a gloss.

pupa milano malta, oil, dry, chapped, lips, balm, treatment

As it turns out the Pupa Milano Balmy Oil is amazing as a treatment for the lips whilst still looking glossy and pretty. I like to throw it on at the office, where no breeze will blow my hair on my lips, and it really helps to keep the lips nice and moisturised, working against the drying effectf of the air-conditioner. Since I have the Pupa Milano Balmy Oil in shade #01, which is clear, I also like to use it during the night. Before I get into bed, I apply a thin layer all over my lips and when I wake up my lips do not feel dry at all.

pupa milano malta, oil, dry, chapped, lips, balm, treatment

The consistency of the Balmy Oil is a thin balmy gloss that is not sticky. It glides on easily on the lips with the handy doe-foot applicator and has a nice pleasant smell that is not over-powering or sickly sweet.

The Pupa Milano Balmy Oil, which is part of the Limited Edition Bronze Fever Collection, comes in four shades, the others being of the red and pink variety, and is perfect to throw on when you are having a no-makeup makeup-day, for an effortless look. It acts as a gloss whilst hydrating your lips, which is essential especially in the dry heat that we suffer from in Malta.

pupa milano malta, oil, dry, chapped, lips, balm, treatment, swatch

The Pupa Milano Balmy Oil retails for €11.25 and is available from a number of pharmacies that stock the brand.

*Some of the products mentioned are PR samples. This does not in any way affect my review. All opinions are my own.

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