A Walkabout to – the Malta National Aquarium

ACA Malta Aquarium 1

The second post in the Walkabout series is going back a few months and is one of the first set of photos that I took with my new Canon camera, when I went over to the Malta National Aquarium.

The Malta National Aquarium is located in St Paul’s Bay and is the first and only public aquarium in Malta. Spread over 2,000 square metres, the Malta National Aquarium has tanks including reptiles, insects and amphibians, amongst others, Mediterranean fish, including fish commonly found in Maltese waters. The main tank of the aquarium houses species from the Indian Ocean, including black tip sharks, horn sharks, rays, eels and other exotic species.

If you haven’t been already make sure to visit for a fun and unusual experience as you enter the world, under the sea!

ACA Malta Aquarium 4ACA Malta Aquarium 6ACA Malta Aquarium 13ACA Malta Aquarium 11ACA Malta Aquarium 7

ACA Malta Aquarium 5

ACA Malta Aquarium 2ACA Malta Aquarium 12ACA Malta Aquarium 10

ACA Malta Aquarium 3

ACA Malta Aquarium 8ACA Malta Aquarium 9

ACA Malta Aquarium 14ACA Malta Aquarium 15

Where is your favourite places to go for a fun day out?

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