Confessions of a Shopaholic Movie

So I’ve been waiting to watch this chick flick ever since I saw the trailer cause I can identify myself with the need to shop continually. However luckily I can control this need to shop much better than the protagonist in the movie. This movie is perfect for anyone who adores fashion, expensive clothes and romance of course 🙂

I wanted to do a post on this movie because I just adored every outfit Lisla Fisher, who is the main actress in this movie, wore. The dress just below I think is my favourite cause the color is just gorgeous 😀

Hope you get the chance to watch this movie so that you can be inspired by all the colorful outfits that she wears 😀

Teal and Golden Olive Look

Hi all, this is the look that I will be describing today and I called it Teal and Golden Olive well obviously for the fact that these are the two main colors that I used and I just love them. So this is what I applied:
  • white eyeshadow for base and as a highlight
  • lime color all over the eye lid
  • teal pigment on the outside corner of the eye
  • golden olive pigment on the crease and just on the corner for a more defined look
  • golden olive also for under the lower lash
  • black pencil eyeliner on the water line
  • black mascara on the upper and lower lashes
I’ve been dying to try out these two colors together for a very long time. I especially love the golden olive pigment. Hope you like the look too and sorry for the photos I know the lighting is terrible. Cheers 😀

Face of the Day

So sorry for the lack of posts but I have been super busy 😦 This is the look I did for last saturday, sorry for the mess behind me its my room 😀 So this is what I did:

  • White base and at the corner of the eye
  • Light shimmery golden brown in the middle of the eye
  • Dark brown on the crease and at the outside corner of the eye
  • Light shade of black to give more color to the dark brown and give more depth to the eyes
  • Black shade on the under the lower lashes
  • Smudged black eyeliner on the lid
  • Black eyeliner on the waterline
  • Black mascara
  • Only a little lipgloss on the lips
I hope you enjoy this look, I loved it! I am not usually a big fan of doing brown make up as I don’t usually like brown on me however I’ve been seeing many youtube videos showing these kind of looks and I thought I would give it a try and the resultant look definitely changed my mind 😀 Hope you like too! I have two more looks I have yet to blog and I hope to do so soon! Feel free to make any comments and give me any advice you want 🙂

My Cherry Culture Haul

So finally my haul has arrived after 3 weeks of waiting!

The products were wrapped in paper and in bubble wrap and thankfully nothing was broken 😀
So this is what I bought:

This is a NYX Concealer Stick in Light. I can’t wait to try it out!

This is the NYX Eyeshadow Trio in Sweet Lagoon/Aqua/Ocean. 
The colors are gorgeous and really pigmented! Love it 😀

This is the KissyWear Single Eyeshadow in Highlight!
Really pigmented colour too!
I really was waiting for this color especially since I had finished mine some time ago!
They also gave me a free lipgloss which tastes great and smells gorgeous too!! 😀
Thx Cherry Culture!

Moisteriser Review

I just bought this moisteriser and really wished to say how much I like it!! I have not been using a moisteriser for some time now because the one I used to apply before used to make my face really itchy and so I dumped! Anyways lately my face has been drying up more and so I decided to buy this moistureiser just to try something new! Well I must say that I found it extremely refreshing, this is because it has cucumber extract and it is also very light and therefore it doesn’t feel like I have an extra layer on my face when I apply it! Believe me this is a must if like me you have combination skin and your skin is drying due to the freezing wheater we have at the moment here!! The name is Nivea Visage Aqua Sensation Invigorating Day Cream!

Hope this review is helpful!! 🙂

Today’s Look :)

So…today I was in the mood to apply some cool make up and this is what I came up with!

Basically this is some dark make up with smokey black pigments to give them some shimmer. The following are the list of what products I used for this look:

  • white eyeshadow for highlight
  • carbon black for eyelid
  • smokey black to cover most of the eyelid
  • some more smokey black below the water line
  • some silver blue on the crease (it can’t be seen much it must be the light :-/)
  • black liquid eyeliner
  • black eyeliner (waterline)
  • black mascara

Hope you enjoy this look, cause I did :D!!

First post

Hello to all on blogspot, this is my first post and today also happens to be valentine’s day!! Now I happen to be a very romantic person but lacking the person to share some romance with today ends up to be a day like any another 😦 Oh well I will keep my romance for the guy who will be able to capture my heart, hopefully some time soon hehe!

Anyways I would like to introduce myself too in this first post.  I am a 19 year old student who is mad about shopping and here I’d like to mention my obsession for shoes.  I just adore buying shoes, they are so gorgeous!  I also love make up and have tons of palettes which I have yet to use all! I also love reading especially passionate love novels

My favourite tv shows are TEDS as ellen is so hilarious and I am an avid follower of XFactor at the moment!  Moreover I like to watch american idol whenever I can and I adore Gossip Girl but have yet to see many of the episodes as I have been very busy what with exams and with assignments.  One of my besties gave me the last push to finally create this blog and I must say that I am looking forward to add posts to it!

Well that is all folks for now! Hope to add many more posts to this blog in the near future!!
Lots of love to all the people who have found Mr. Right xxx