A Walkabout to – the Malta National Aquarium

ACA Malta Aquarium 1

The second post in the Walkabout series is going back a few months and is one of the first set of photos that I took with my new Canon camera, when I went over to the Malta National Aquarium.
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A Walkabout to – Blue Grotto & Qrendi

Malta, travel, Qrendi

Welcome to the first ‘Walkabout’ post on A Cosmetic Affair. The intention behind these sort of posts is to give you a glimpse through my own perspective of locations both local, in my home country, Malta, and hopefully in the future also abroad.

Except for today’s post which is an introduction, I want these posts to be more visual than text-based, in hopes that you can forget your surroundings and be transported to a beautiful location, whether it is in the countryside, by the sea, visiting some wild animals, at the park or the city.

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